Favourite film :-)

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  1. I watched a couple of films today (My Sister's Keeper and Resevoir Dogs) . both of which I thought were very good, so I was wonderinng what peoples favorite films are :)
    My all time favourite is the cartoon Swan Princess. Yes, and I'm not even ashamed of it:L
    Anyway, yeah. feel free to speak up :)
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  2. I used to watch swan princess all the time. I have also seen all the sequels... XD manly huh?.

    but my favorite movie is Armageddon, with Bruce Willis and Ben Afleck, the movie itself is "ok" but, the music.. baller.
  3. Well you clearly have quite a varied taste in films :L And I love Ben Afleck. :)
  4. V for Vendetta :)
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  5. I like The Lord of the Rings. I also built Barad-dur on SMP3 XD It was in a big dirt box but I opened it up for the world to see last night
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  6. I dont think I got through all the Lord of the Rings. I remember and liked the first one, but the others are a blur. :)
  7. Go watch them! ohh they are magical haha
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  8. I've been getting bugged to have a day watching them all so I may aswell :)
  9. Ohhhh yeah I did that once, but with the extended versions, so it was 12 hours of Lord of the Rings :p
  10. Lets see, some of mine are ... in no particular order;

    Hitman (2007)
    Man on Fire (2004)
    No Country for Old Men (2007)
    Seven Pounds (2008)
    Shooter (2007)
    The 13th Warrior (1999)
    The Professional (1994)

    Just of the top of my head and HTPC movie list. :)
  11. i love the die hards and lord of the rings!!!
  12. mine are


    I went to orlando florida (i live in ohio) just to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!!!! it was AMAZING!
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  13. my favorite is transformer
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  14. Nausicaa and the Valley of the Wind
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  15. Hitman...I love the part where he jumps in through a window, and into a room with 2 girls playing hitman on console ;D
  16. a million internets to amadai for noticing great things
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  17. I have alot of favorites! The ones I can name off the top of me head are;
    Ghost Rider
    V for Vendetta
    All the Star Wars movies, old and new!
    Last but not least; All the Tim Burton movies. :3
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  18. I enjoy older films like Stand By Me, Young Frankenstein, and others. But really the most recent film I saw that I actually enjoyed, was probably Kick-Ass.
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  19. One word. YES.