Favorite hobby on EMC?

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  1. So for the past two weeks now, my favorite hobby on EMC has been with firestrike34. We run around and get lost above bedrock. (But that usually that lasts a few minutes then we get bored).

    What is your favorite hobby to do on EMC?

  2. Getting valuable things(atleast 500r) and using a portal to get to 5k in wild and try to survive the run back. Only items I use are a diamond sword (Knock back II) and lots of food and some food if I need to go through oceans
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  3. building stuff:p
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  4. Onaj thought that he could build a Portal ontop of bedrock. So then I was like "Lets do this" Then i randomly popped a glass block on Bedrock. Then... Poof.. Back to Nether Spawn. >.>
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  5. I bug AlexChance alot and tell him his lighting is terrible:)
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  6. Explain lightning?
    Wasn't your hobby was like just hearing his voice? Which you're married to.
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  7. Alex must be pretty annoyed huh? xD
  8. Yes; Because thats a hobby..

    no; Lighting.. Not Lightning
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  9. Exploring/Mining are my absolute favorite things to do on EMC.
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  10. LOL very much so.
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  11. Build stuff in the wild or give random 1k give away if I'm in good mood :D
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  12. I LOVE... to also build things in the wild. It keeps me entertained and gives me something to look forward to come on emc everyday.
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  13. I'm just excited when i see Onaj online. Because normally I just visit random residents and talk to random people. And get bored fast. But when Onaj is on I get to go exploring the wild and while I hide he just stands outside in the dark minding his own business so I start Loling at him.

    Do you like to press Tab to see who's online when you Log in?
  14. Yep on one of the servers I random or had wild adventure with group of people with nothing in are inventorys and where we stop made a house.Right now, The house looks pretty good from starting from scratch.
  15. Run around and explore random reses.