Favorite Games?

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What is your favorite game?

Minecraft 8 vote(s) 61.5%
Clash of Clans (just cuz) 3 vote(s) 23.1%
Mario 4 Lyfe! 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Five Nights at Freddy's/Slender 1 vote(s) 7.7%
Call of Duty 2 vote(s) 15.4%
Grand Theft Auto 6 vote(s) 46.2%
MX vs ATV Series (I know it's not the best but its really fun) 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Skyrim/Halo/Battlefield/Assassin's Creed 5 vote(s) 38.5%
Plants vs Zombies 1 vote(s) 7.7%
CLUB PENGUIN 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. If you want to talk about strategies for whatever games or just want to talk about how awesome EMC is, feel free to say so. :p:)
  2. I was going to put Mario but ended up choosing Minecraft. Mario games get a bit stale after you beat all the levels and collect all the things. Minecraft... Well, Minecraft is infinite.

    Also, If you had put Zelda on that list I would have created three other profiles just to vote for it. :)
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  3. I really like the Battlefield franchise for making it more of a "Team" game. Things like medical packs, ammo boxes, defibulators makes it feel like everyone contributes to the team besides the score.
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  4. Sid Meier's Civilization series are some of my favourites :) can't wait for the next one :D October 24th ;)
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  5. I play minecraft, a great game that never seems to get old. It's really fun, and I'm also on a forum based around it. The only company games I play are Nintendo one's. No xbox or playstation, ever. It's GBA, GBC and wii for me. My favourite series is Wario Land, my favourite game from it being Wario Land II. I also like harvest moon for the GBA and the wii, super monkey ball, and I'm playing donkey kong country right now. Oh, and Zelda of course too. I don't play pokémon nor super smash bros though.
    I play re-volt, an amazing race game from 1999. Here's a video of a custom track made in it: http://youtu.be/NjQ4fFDJF8U This may have been the first pc game I ever really played, and I just recently got back into it. Super Hexagon is also one game that I really like.
    For free games, I play on nitrome, a little company who makes great retro-styled games.
    My favourite game franchise for the Atari is Dizzy. If I were to choose a real favourite from all time I would probably still say Dizzy:Prince of the Yolkfolk. Not because it's so good, but because it has such nostalgic feelings for me which always make me happy when playing it again. Another Atari game I really like, but always played in dos myself is lemmings. Really, that's great too, but also mainly of nostalgia. I guess this is enough to tell, but I have way more gaming history than you probably want to know :p
    (One more thing I'll say, when I was really young, my father always played games like fable, day of the tentacle and gobliiins on our old pc.)
  6. Nintendo is the only company I really trust as well. Also, I don't really like any games other than Nintendo, with the exceptions being Sonic, Portal, and of course minecraft.
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  7. None of the ones you listed :p
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  8. Holy cow as of yesterday this thing had like 2 views and no votes or replies lol. Thanks guys :p Yeah I know I put a bunch of good ones in one category, simply cuz they're all war games with a little bit of uniqueness to them. Yeah I forgot Zelda in that too.
  9. Cool man! :) Glad it became popular!
    Wait A minute. If this thread is now popular, and I was the first person (aside from the creator, FirstJugBurgerz,) to post a comment, then that means...


    Lol jk don't hate me :p
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