Favorite forum game, (Story)

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  1. So this is my favorite forum game! You have to keep the story going, and you post can only be four words! I'll start.
    Once upon a time...
  2. there was a frog
  3. that ate a wolf
  4. and rode a pig
  5. that lead the Pig....
  6. and grew some wings
  7. and among many things
  8. he found an amazing
  9. Creeper that really wanted
  10. Some fruity flavored shrimp.
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  11. And some nice bananas
  12. When suddenly there came...
  13. A person that sung
  14. Highway to helicopter while...
  15. doing handstands on his...
  16. A Big wall of
  17. BARE FEET! Then a...
  18. Zombie came and ate
  19. a hairy hipster that
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  20. punky kid with a..