Favorite Disney Movie?

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  1. So the other day some friends of mine and I were talking about stuff we liked from our childhoods (15-16 years old) and we were just throwing out disney movies we liked and didnt like. We all agreed on most movies and had our own favorites, my personal favorites are the Lion King and Aladdin. But EMC has a lot of people around my age, or people who are old enough to be parents and watch movies with kids, and the people in between.
    You can't be too old to watch a disney movie, so best disney movies?
  2. Favorite: ugh too many to choose, although Lion King and Finding Nemo(Pixar, but :p) are probably my top choices
    Least Favorite though, man this is a tough choice. Blank Check and The 13th year were both pretty bad (yes they are disney movies, sort of. Technically, they are disney channel movies, made for tv but both were just so bad)
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  3. I hated blank check and the 13th year
  4. Nemo. Farorite sence "I touched the boat"
    +1 if you get that :)
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  5. Favorite: WALL-E by far. The reason being is WALL-E was created to show a futuristic post-apocalyptic setting where technology ruled man kind. "It addresses consumerism, nostalgia, environmental problems, waste management, the immense impact humans have on the Earth, and the direction in which the human race is headed."-Wikipedia.
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  6. I really like sharks and fish when i was younger so Nemo was my favourite :)
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  7. such nemo
    maybe brother bear
    lion king
    I have seen my flaw, my favorite movie is the avengers.
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  8. Sam. You sir. Are like. The best. Like. Ever.
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  9. hum. Wreak It Ralph.
  10. Lion King.
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    bees swore enemies against potatoes
  12. *I touched the butt
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  13. Since Marvel is owned by Disney:
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  14. Favorite? Hehehe
    (Was that a joke?)
    Favorite Disney movieā€¦ none
  15. Kind of hard not getting that seeing that you gave us the movie from which it is from.
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  16. *Sighs*... Star Wars.
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  17. I have to say that the best move I have seen from disney that is not pixar is Frozen. I am a lot like the snowman olaf. I like the cold and the warm, like warm hugs (maybe or maybe not :p), strange, constantly blab, and have no conception of reality. My name is also pronounced the same.

    EDIT: It was not a bad movie for a childrens movie and 2013 was a disappointing year for movies. Anything Pixar is the best
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  18. I am going to pretend you never posted that.
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  19. cars/cars 2