Favorite Book and/or Series?

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  1. Post any books or series you truly love.

    My favorite single book probably is A Dog's Purpose. My favorite book series, well.... I'm torn between Lord of the Rings and the Inheritance cycle. First of all, I want to assert one very true fact.
    Don't hate on the Inheritance Cycle, because I know at least one person here. But remember, only awesome things have haters.
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  2. I really like this one series, but unless you really like cats... or you're into this kind of thing... http://warriorcats.com/
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  3. A Song of Fire and Ice
    (Game of Thrones).
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  4. I'm quite a fan of LOTR, Inheritance and Artemis Fowl.
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    I love those books.
    Read all the hard copies out :p
  6. This girl at my school reads those, and my friend, her and I have daily arguments on whether Inheritance Cycle or Warriors is better. Usually my friend and I win.
  7. I think I sense a friendship here.
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  8. With you on that one, I felt like whoever writes warriors was running out of ideas...
  9. This is what most of the arguments feel like.
  10. -_-
    It's on.
  11. You're right. It IS on. Inheritance is so much better than Warriors.
    NOTE: Before talking about Warriors, thorta du ilumeo!
  12. I don't know, maybe I just really like cats. But Erin Hunter is actually 4 different people so....
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  13. He is a pretty good author. Especially when it come to Greek mythology (real or fake).
  14. Rick Riordan is a great author. I've seen Fablehaven before and I want to read them sometime. I would rate him 9/10. He is great with almost any mythology, not just Greek.
  15. The Left Behind Series for adults, it's about 4 kids who find themselves on Earth after the rapture, and must fight for what's right to get themselves and others into heaven :)
  16. Enjoyed that series. I think there is still more coming out. That author just won't quit. :)

    I also enjoyed Fablehaven, the 39 Clues thing-a-ma-jiggers, and the Greek mythology things. I am a big reader, and don't usually care much about what I read. Racing in the Rain was also a good book, if you are looking for recommendations, though there are two versions depending on your age and/or reading level.