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  1. So I don't have a ton of experience with this but I setup a beacon with Haste on it and I have a diamond pickaxe with Eff V on it. I expected that when I went to mine stone that it'd be rather quick but I'm not noticing much of a speed change.

    Am I doing something wrong?
  2. Does the beacon have just haste, or haste II? Is this in town? (if so, where, so I can test myself (by mining the town roads or whatever))
  3. looks like it's just Haste, not Haste II however my bottom base is 9x9 so shouldn't it be Haste II?

    this isn't in town
  4. You can see the detected pyramid size when you activate the beacon. On the left, make sure you can select haste, and on the right make sure you can select haste II.
  5. ok when I look at my inventory it shows just Haste with the timer but when I look at the beacon GUI it shows Haste II over on the right side so I guess it is Haste II, right?
  6. Have you actually also clicked on haste II? You need to click twice for it to work properly.
  7. Oh okay, so you can have Haste and Regeneration or you can have Haste II with no Regeneration, right?
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  8. Okay now with Haste II + Eff V it's much faster.. more of what I was expecting. Surprising to me though that Haste I + Eff V was as slow as it was.
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  9. Correct. :)
  10. Don't forget to feed it an iron ingot now that you have to change it to haste 2. I use haste 2 and E5 picks all the time. Stone is instant mined, just like on creative. I usually strife left and right to sweep large paths at a time.
  11. I think it's actually mined even faster than on creative :p
  12. I know it's pretty cool!
  13. I have a hard time when trying to break just ONE more block. You have to click really quickly.