Fast Food ADS vs. REALITY Experiment

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  1. I've been wondering if you could sue them for false advertising..
  2. I LOVE IT! Make Em Work!
  3. You know, I never would have noticed the food looked so bad (compared to ads) if I didn't watch this video.
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  4. lol pay attention to the little white text in those commercials at the bottom of the screen. pretty much says product may look different on delivery
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  5. Aww fudge... No money for me :(
  6. Meh, if McDonalds secretly had slavery in America and you had proof, odds are they will make you sound like a liar with their 200000 lawyers.
  7. I watched a show once where they were talking about food photography. A lot of those pictures are of things that just look like food or a mixture of food and other stuff like glue. For example, the condensation on the tomatos in a burger picture is probably glycerin or corn syrup. They also do a lot of things to make the food stay in place or to position it that makes it inedible, like using toothpicks and styrofoam.

    I was looking for a video that would show a good example of this. A photographer in one I watched said that he took a bite out of a cookie without realizing that it had been sprayed with WD-40 by the food slyist for the photo shoot he was doing.

    This one is a decent example. They use what looks like Play Doh, food coloring, and white glue to make some yummy looking fake ice cream. Someone in the comments says it is powdered sugar, corn syrup, and shortening, but it could be anything, really as long as it looks good.