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Which field of farming should I get in to?

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Gold Farming 8 vote(s) 47.1%
Wither Farming 11 vote(s) 64.7%
Iron Farming 6 vote(s) 35.3%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Hey all. :)

    I haven't made a proper forum post in a very long time, so here I go. :p

    I've recently developed a pretty big interest in farms (not crop farming, items farming) such as Wither Skeleton farms, iron farms, and gold farms. I'm interested in making some money off one of these farms, and I'm also looking around to see which of those 3 markets is currently open and not completely dominated. What farm should I start out with? What model? How much will it cost? What materials will I require? Anything is appreciated. :)

    Thanks again,
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  2. I don't know the cost of building farms as I have never actually built one myself. Iron farms are fairly simple to create I believe, and wouldn't be bad as a first farm. Mushroom Biomes are good for these too ;) You will need LOADS of cobble/stone, doors, water buckets(or infinite soource), villager eggs, and patience :p
    I sometimes afk at these for days, and make a lot of money off of iron blocks
  3. I built a gold farm as my first farm (and now I'm expanding it, so it's technically not finished yet). After getting motivated, I built an obsidian generator and mined two double chests of obsidian within a few hours. I built the entire farm the next day.
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  4. Iron Farm. Mostly because I must dominate the gold industry and because I need iron :)
  5. My general concept is this:

    Money to be made: Wither > Gold > Iron
    Cost to setup: Gold > Wither > Iron
    Difficulty to setup: Wither > Gold > Iron
  6. Wither farm PLEASE XD
    Idk how much it will cost but....
    After I finish my hotel, I will donate some $

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