[FARM USE] Beacons Needed for Build

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  1. Hey all, I am in need of around 50 beacons for a build I am currently working on and would like to know if someone has a wither farm I could use TEMPORARILY until I have enough skulls to make said beacons. I have zero interest in using the farm afterwards and zero interest in obtaining skulls to sell. Afterwards, I will develop short term memory loss of ever being at your farm. If someone would be willing to help me out (PM me), that would be fantastic. Thank you all for your time!
  2. Hey buddy, if you'd like to avoid the grind of the wither skulls I can let you borrow 50~ beacons. :)
  3. This is how you know Sam has too much money.
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  4. LOL. Thanks for the offer, however, these would be going to a semi if not permanent build on my utopia spawn res. :D
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  5. As you are one of the last people who always say Hi to me when I log on feel free to just have the 50 beacons then.
    (I just mailed them) :p

    Return them in 6 years or keep them forever, it's up to you, just think of it as a thank you for everything you've done. :)
  6. This kids, is why samsimx is bae <3
    did i earn a beacon yet?
    jk xD
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  7. Oh...
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  8. HI samsimx!
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  9. Hi Samsimx.
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  10. When ever I see the name Samsimx I always think of that USB
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  11. I have no words.... :confused:

    Thanks so much, thats crazy generous of you, and I like saying hi to you because you're a good person and I always enjoy seeing you. :)
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  12. Since people used to say "hail sam" and such when ever they saw you, and now don't. All I could think of were these lyrics:
    kinda sad.. but regardless. I've always felt the desire to say hi to you when I see you ^_^ even though 80% of the time I hit enter just as you disconnect :p

    And to toade :p I took down some beacons on my res to reduce lag. So if you need another let me know ^_^
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  13. Sam owes me a dragon egg.
    Hi Sam.
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  14. Sam owes me a tin foil titanium infused hat
    Hi sam
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  15. lmao
  16. Hi samsimx!

    Day 2. 728 more to go for DC of beacons.
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