Fans of Skyrim Will recognize this.

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by zanderboy, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. omg that is so funny. how did you find that video?
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  2. The song is supposed to be weird.The game is a parody of popular rpgs.Also morrowind is the true incarnation of evil, but that is a topic for a different time.
  3. I used to make "arrow to the knee" jokes until a Skyrim wanderer got mad at me for mocking him, let's just say I got an arrow to the knee and it really hurt, I can hardly walk ever since the incident and I really see the pain he was in, people stop mocking me!
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  4. i always like parody video games. maybe i should try this game?

    and why is morrowind evil? is it because you have to kill people to have a house of your own?
  5. Its a rather fun and amusing game.Morrowind was the stepping stone of Bethesda's lets not do bugfixes of our own.Lets let the community do it.Therefor it sowed the seeds of evil.
  6. In my opinion, just to get it out:

    Morrowind > Skyrim => Oblivion > Daggerfall = Arena.

    Otherwise, I viewed the video and...well, no one can defeat Ganon according to my altered textbook. This video is awesome; no two question marks about it.
  7. good point. i still like skyrim and other bethesda games (mostly elder scrolls) because of the freedom. if i get it on my laptop a few months after it came out (so i can get it on ebay for $5.00) i can use cheats, get epic armor, use a S***load of mods, raise the graphics super high, and take a bagillion epic picutes over sweet veiws. and to see what stuff i missed on the console version. :)
  8. Not saying their not fun.Just saying that they aren't doing much of their own bug fixing cause they know the community will do it for them.
  9. on another note, wtf are those things? and on another note again, you should be glad that sopa didnt pass cause then you would be no better than a two bit common theif. :)