Fans of Skyrim Will recognize this.

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  1. Any person here in the forums who has played Skyrim will have heard a bard play their songs in taverns or on roads. If you have not, then go to a tavern NOW!

    Now, for those who have heard the bards, you will recognize this song, and it is truly amazing how well she recreated the song, I might even say she improved it!
    Enjoy the song my fellow Empire Minecrafters!
  2. She would have made one hell of a sensual bard, i'd go on a quest with her :)
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  3. I could not agree more, but she does have an amazing voice!
  4. I could bard like her too, Until I took an arrow in the knee...

    sorry ._.
  5. lol i didnt realize how much of a meme that has become. usuallly i was great at telling memes, till i took an arrow to the knee, became forever alone, then loled as a troll told me taht i was awesome. then i was all like f*** yeah, and got to where i am right now. a guard, in whiterun.
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  6. I love forced memes. So forced. So unfunny.
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  7. I was going to laugh, but then I took an arrow in the knee.
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  9. 111210-090431.jpg anybody heard of foosh energy mints? i am really tempted to print out something like "Foos!: energy mints! channel your Th'um and power on! and then find a stencil picture of a character wearing that iron helmet with horns, with little waves of blue coming out of his mouth. only his head, of course. then i would paste it over it. i cant resist!
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  10. Stop that, you!
  11. well I took OVER 9,000 arrows to the knee... I am sorry :( I have failed you
  12. oh snap, she can ride my horse anytime. :)
  13. I used to ride with her, intil i took a arrow to the knee.
  14. that used to be funny but then i took an arrow to the knee
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  15. To many arrow to the knee jokes...

    But this is an amazing cover
  16. You know what happens to chosen ones around here.
  17. ... what was that? IDGI!
  18. WHAT IS THIS??? this is worse then when i got an arrow to the knee...

    This joke is a fail
  19. Its from The Bard's Tale.Which is an amazing action-rpg parody game.Then I remember that a lot of minecraft players are kids who just started gaming in the last year or two.
  20. im sorry that i liked stuff like mario cart and halo 1 and morrowind while you played... this.... "game". im kidding. i shouldnt judge it just because of a weird song.