Fan's Journey In Waste

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  1. I will be making a documentary in which I describe my personal experience as a surviver of the wastelands. I hope to have some fun in making this and playing this daily and I feel like it may attract a few players to do the same as I. As some of you may know, I'm not one to write so much but this will require me to write as much as I can daily to explain what I did. For those who want to know what smp I am hosting this on is smp3. You can join me if you can find me, but other than that it is a one man journey.

    Will update at end of the day, this won't be 24/7 just a few hours due to my schedule.
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  2. BUMP

    So for day one:

    I encountered a Momentus today :eek: In my inventory I had a single axe and a pickaxe. Today was the day I became a man, a man using difficulty one to fight the beast! Luckily for me, it was stuck in a tree and got me stuck in one too! Easy hits and an easy kill. I am working on my storage house right now and am a Single Chest away from a DC of Birch Logs which will be auctioned in the future. I have a small farm set up and almost at two rows of mushroom blocks that I found on my trail to my destination. Within the majestic birch forest it shouldn't take me long to achieve my goal of a DC of birch logs, and tomorrow I will be working on my mine in which my next goal is to get five DC's of cobble stone.

    For those who do not know my achievements are:
    One DC of birch logs
    Five DC of Cobblestone
    One DC of Dirt for JackBiggins
    One SC of Mushroom Blocks
    One SC of Iron Ingots

    Enjoy your day