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  1. FanClub Company
    Owned by ww2fan168, and co-owned by both lollerburger and SkeleTin

    Businesses: Mini Shop and Casino

    Specialty: Helping New Players and Grief Protection

    Mission Statement: FanClub Co. is a nonprofit organization in which over half of it comes from the owners pockets. We see players have a hard start on Empire Minecraft and we try to help them have a smooth start. As well for players that have been griefed, we try to help them recover from their lost by re-gifting amounts of stone and needed materials for outposts or whatever was built. Our mission is to help new players stay longer on the Empire so they will stay longer. We give credit to GRIP Co. for the idea of this company and we are now in business.

    RULES: No Alternate accounts please. Abuse of power is counted as ripping players off which is illegal on EMC. If you have an issue, please notify the owners of the organization which are ww2fan168, lorlorburger, and SkeleTin007, please don't post it here.

    RULES FOR WORKERS: Please don't abuse your power in stealing from the business which will lead you to be kicked out of the group. Don't take donations into your balance, when received please send to ww2fan168 so he can get stone or help new players.


    When you first join the Empire, I know from experience as everyone else, it is hard to start a business or build a shop. FanClub will help you with that in giving you 10-20k for what business you want started. We will also advertise it on this thread and occasionally show up and purchase some things our selves ;)


    Griefing is a terrible thing. I see this happen all the time and we as an organization want to help the owners of the builds destroyed rebuild it for the Empire to see when finished. PM'ing ww2fan168 with the staff report ( So we are not scammed and staff we be alerted ) will show us that you need help and we are willing to donate over a Double Chest of Stone and whatever is needed. We will not give out diamonds and gold as those are expensive things unless you have proof that you used those blocks in your build.

    Yes, we do this too! For a small fee of 2,500 rupees I will mention you at both my shop and casino and there will be a post on here for those advertisements as well :) All rupees go towards this cause.

    Applying for FanClub:

    As we are just starting we need people to help us. Workers will be given orders to mine stone and smelt it into stone and put into chests located at the storage residence. A private message via forums will be set up for workers.


    (How many Days Played)
    (Date of Application)
    (Why do you want to join *6 sentences please*)
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  2. <SHOP OPENED> : 3255

    <CASINO OPENED> : 3256

    ww2fan168 ( Founder/Owner )
    lorlorburger ( Co-Owner )
    SkeleTin007 ( Co-Owner )
    ShyGuytheGamer1 ( Ambassador )
    RaiinNl ( Member )
    BlazeTheKid ( Member )
  3. Ya know, if you really wanted to do something like GRIP you coulda just joined :rolleyes:
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  4. Yes I do know this, and I want to talk to Shel about combining the two businesses.
  5. This one is not just to help with people who are griefed but new players as well.
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  6. I'd like to share some things too ;) First: I fully support WW2 with this! He even had the courtesy to ask me if I would have any problems with his idea before setting it in motion, which I think speaks for itself.

    It really makes not too much difference to me if GRIP helps out a griefed player or someone else does. What's important is that those players get the help which they so rightfully deserve. So yeah.... Of course I can't make any promises or guarantees up front (each case is different) but I honestly wouldn't rule out the possibility that GRIP might even help FanClub sometimes with helping griefed players.

    I wish you the best of luck WW2!
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  7. BUMP

    Casino is now open as all machines have been approved by staff!

    Firstly, we have a New Players slots which costs 1,000 rupees and have a 1/8 chance of winning 5k.

    Low Slots cost 15k and gives you a 1/8 chance of winning 50,000 rupees!
    Mid Slots costs 35,000 rupees will as well give you a 1/8 chance to win 100,000 rupees.
    Now, the highest slot reward on EMC ( I think ), costing 45,000 rupees will give you a 1/8 chance to win 150,000 rupees!

    Please come by and support our cause :)
  8. (Name) RaiinNL
    (How many Days Played) 481 Days
    (Date of Application) 16-4-2016
    (Why do you want to join *6 sentences please*)
    I know how it feels to be griefed, its the most annoying part of whole EMC. Everyone who knows how it is, knows how great it is if people helps you out. And that is what I wanna do. Help people! And also new players, they need some help to understand EMC and can make a good clean start.
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  9. BUMP

    Looking for more members. I do know that GRIP Co does out rank us but it isn't about popularity to me. I'm looking for people that are willing to endorse my company and give us some money for our mission. We are starting construction for our Head-Quarters on Smp6 where we will keep many Double Chests of Stone and other materials that will be used in this project. Thank you for reading :)
  10. BUMP. Due to some thinking we decided that our HQ will NOT be on smp6, and instead since Zion so generously offered us a residence while we work something out. We are now working on a farm to help the griefing part of our mission and we upped the winnings at the casino and lowered prices! So come to 3256 for a chance to win 150k, for a fee of 45k, and help out our cause!
  11. (Name) Jacobd65
    (How many Days Played) 479
    (Date of Application) 4/21/16
    (Why do you want to join *6 sentences please*)
    I always go mining so I get tons of stone (My pickaxe has silk touch). I would love to be apart of an amazing generous organization like this. I have been griefed before and I lost tons of diamonds including materials and other things from a Friday Night Miners event (back when they called it that) so I know how it feels. I remember when I first started out, and I was like "this is a little hard getting resources". I have also always wanted to be apart of an organization like one of these.
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  12. (Name): ShyguytheGamer1, no alts (yet)
    (How many Days Played): 362 days as of now
    (Date of Application): 4/23/16
    (Why do you want to join *6 sentences please*): I like to help out new players throughout smp8. I feel this is an excellent service with great potential and I would like to be a part of that. And I deal with griefings all out smp8. The public builds are safe in the right hands, and I am one of those. I spot the griefings and report on sight, and I bring them to justice. I think I can make this business great again (Unintentional trump pun lol)
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  13. You might want to get some staff/Kryssy to approve this. Reason: Many players feel unsure of joining these organizations now, after the GRIP incident. I mean, I was really shocked too. How could players do such a thing? If this was "staff approved" maybe people would join/donate and increase the confidence.
    Like convince a staff to say this:
    I approve this buisness/corp.. :p

    My ideas-Ender
  14. Did you highlight the entire post from that?