Fallout's Birthday AMA and Giveaway

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  1. 1. I like both of them a lot. But for some random reason I like movies more. Just gives me a more vivid image than books.

    2. Princess Leia!!!! :D Star Wars is now owned by disney so hopefully this counts!!! :p
  2. one of the? You mean the best casino :p

    oh and I pick number 79

    How did you find /v 200?

    Who is your favorite staff?
  3. 1. I think I found it when U advertised it on a all the servers and I liked it and keeped coming. I swear I'm not addicted :p

    2. I'd have to say SkeleTin007 because I knew him before he was staff and I knew him the longest of all the staff members. :)
  4. Happy late birthday FalloutHood!

    1) What is your favorite EMC promo item?

    and a question more fitting for a birthday...
    2) What is your favorite flavor/type of cake?

    Also, i'll take 17 please. :p
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  5. 1. The meteor bow or avalauncher

    2. Hmm hard. I do like myself some good rich chocolate cake (chocolate moose) But I do like ice cream cake a lot. im going with chocolate moose cake
  6. Bump still have some time to enter
  7. do you think you are awesome? (because I know you aren't sawse xD)

    why did you pick EMC over all other larger servers (tbh emc just feels like family on smp7 but not on any other smp
  8. 1. Yes yes I do, I think I am very awesome

    2. I pick EMC over all these large servers because it feels like we are one big community or family, which no other server has

    And if you want to enter the Giveawy I need a number
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  9. Congratz to _Levy_McGarden_ for first place!! :D

    And Congratz to Cardman142 for 2nd place!! :D.

    Thx all for entering, I'll mail the rewards when I get online
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  10. Thank you so much~<3 :D