fallout 4?!?!?!?

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  1. well fallout 4 is only a rumor but there are several rumors like it will be in boston, or sanfransisco, or even sacramento. but here is one cool trailer and plz don't get off topic:

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  2. FIRST

    Cool. But ill never be allowed to play it.
    Im 14 and not even allowed to play T-rated games
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  3. Hopefully this will be better than new vegas was it seemed that new vegas ended too early and without the option to continue after fighting at the dam it really took the experience away from the fallout world.
  4. i agree i wish there was a free play mode but fallout new vegas BEST GAME EVA
  5. Wait is this real?
  6. Orrly?
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  7. Well if fallout three had an more open area like new vegas it would have been a better game but they both had their pros and cons hopefully this one will have the best of both worlds.
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  8. yes, Orrly
  9. Usually when there is a bethesda logo near the end of the video its real but with all the fakes out there there is only one way to know.
  10. Well if this real then that would be sweet, also I've only started playing New Vegas for like a week or two but the whole seris seems pretty awesome.
  11. i just like new vegas more because it isint as much of a waste land i wish they made a game that isint at all a waste land just regular modern day world with ability to rob, quests, unique guns, that stuff.
  12. ive beet falout new vegas 5 times now and fallout 3, 2 times i love fallout its my favorite game
  13. As far as I'm concerned, NV was an expansion pack to F0:3
    It never felt like its own game, really... though I did play it a ton.
  14. Here is a site for mods and a modloader for fallout new vegas now their is some pretty graphic things on here but unless you make an account you won't have access to that kinda stuff.
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  15. yay crazy :D i sent you a convo about this first cause i mean you like fallout alot.... look at your profile pic.
  16. Well thats how they all are for me just the same overall idea something bad is happening that you need to end blah blah. but i really enjoy playing the series and most of bethesda's games they really take the time to produce quality games sure there are flaws but it wouldn't be a game without some.
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  17. ok right now ima beat fallout new vegas for the 6th time but im not gonna finish it imma wait till the battle and never go to it. i will kill everyone in freeside and make it my home >:D