Fallout 4 Confirmed

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  1. http://fallout.bethsoft.com

    Its linked to Official Bethesda Studios and Zenimax Productions in the Fine Print below. I'm literally fan boying over this. WILL NOT SLEEP TONIGHT!

    EDIT: Fallout 4 Confirmed! Link now goes to Official Bethesda trailer for Fallout 4! Will take place in Post Apocalyptic Boston!

  2. awesome
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  3. I bought Fallout New Vegas and I did not like it, are the other fallout games like New Vegas, because I might want to try the other Fallouts.
  4. Fallout 3 is tons better than New Vegas... Just saying...
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  5. Bump/Update for Thread: Fallout 4 has been confirmed. Link will now redirect you to official Bethesda Trailer for Fallout 4.
  6. IMO its the other way around :p
  7. Pffft your opinion is wrong. >.> :p I found FO3's story and world design to be much better than FONV's. FONV had much better game mechanics though. While FONV's world was cool, it just didn't feel connected like FO3's did.
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