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    The Village of Fallon Dale on SMP5 welcomes you to within its walls as the new home of adventure, excitement and wonder!

    With a wide range of facilities including:

    Central Keep
    Nether Dungeon
    Underground Rail Network
    Secure perimeter wall
    Main Plaza
    Market Square

    and much, much more besides, why not rest your weary head at Fallon Dale?

    We are offering Pre-Orders on Tenancy Certificates which will provide you, the lucky owner, with one pre-constructed dwelling house.

    We have a variety of houses on offer, operating on a first come, first served basis.

    The Village of Fallon Dale is overseen by various Local Authority arms, including:

    • Local Authority Board - This is the main agency which deals with all aspects of the Village and which has final say in all matters
    • Land Survey Board - This agency deals with all aspects of building permissions, allocations of premises and land exploitation and advancement
    Currently both agencies are staffed by Kilmannan and Margaritte, however their purpose is to allow roles to be allocated to Tenants who show themselves to have higher purpose and a vested interested in the wellbeing of the village, as well as a weekly wage.

    The price for a Tenancy Certificate is:


    Which guarantees you, the purchaser, one UNFURNISHED dwelling house in Fallon Dale with the following rules:

    • Tenancy Certificates are non-transferable. If you wish to end your Tenancy and leave the Village, then Fallon Dale will purchase your Certificate back for 20,000r within one month of issue provided you still have the Certificate. If you do not have the certificate then no buy-back can be offered
    • You can only build down on your property or make minor exterior adjustments. Any alterations or extensions above ground must be passed by the Land Survey Board for approval
    • The houses are allocated on a first come, first served basis. Houses are registered via a locked chest within and a sign outside above or to the side of the door with your name on it
    • All building work within the walls of Fallon Dale must be limited to the repair of existing structures or your own property. No new builds may be created without authorisation from the Land Survey Board
    • Only persons in possession of a valid Tenancy Certificate may reside with Fallon Dale
    • Tenants will be expected to participate in Public Projects as organised by the Land Survey Board. This will either be for large scale repair work, small jobs around the village or expansions - it is all for the benefit of the village as a whole
    • No locked chests other than within your registered property
    • The location of the village must not be given out at random. Those suitable for Tenancy in Fallon Dale will be made aware of its location, or invited to this thread. We aim to keep those with malicious intent away from our village
    • The Local Authority Board have final say in all matters and must be complied with
    • The Local Authority Board reserves the right to add or alter any rules as new situations arise and are addressed
    If you feel that you'd be at home in Fallon Dale, then Pre-Order now by registering your interest in this thread with the following information in the following format:

    • Name:
    • Time on Empire in days:
    • Lot numbers on the Empie:
    • Why you would be an asset to the village:
    Those that are accepted will be notified and a chest will be created on 10199 on SMP5 which will hold your Tenancy Certificate when released, which will contain travel details and location of the village.
    Travel to Fallon Dale will be DANGEROUS

    You will have to cover over well over 100,000 blocks overland or the relative number via the Nether. Please realise that this means visits back to Town will be few and far between and you should ensure that you do not have a Residence on SMP5 if you want to have full enjoyment of Fallon Dale.

    We will be opening the Nether Portal upon release of the Certificates and we will try to arrange a Group Travel Time for those Tenants to make the journey together.


    If you lose your Tenancy Certificate, your claim to a property is nullified

    This thread will be added to as more information becomes available


    Q: Why is it so expensive?

    A: It's not really when you think of the Voting Rewards, and it's to pay for the hard work that's went in over the last year to the Village. A lot of work needs to be done to it, but a lot of time has gone into it and it would be nice to have something back for it, as well as being able to use that money to buy supplies, etc, for the village

    Q: It's unfair that if I lose my TC en route to the Village that my property claim is nullified

    A: Enderchests. :)

    Q: How do we get there? Is there a rail system?

    A: Fallon Dale has remained hidden since the Wild Reset for Jungle Biomes a long, long time ago. There are no Live Map trails leading to the village. The journey would be by foot although a Nether Portal would be opened at the Village to give the shorter journey option

    Q: I've been banned in the past from EMC, can I still join the village?

    A: No.

    Q: Can I make a huge, fancy house?

    A: No. Fallon Dale is about the community and no-one should have an extravagant or overly large home. You can make alterations within set guidelines to your property and this means it should all look and fit together naturally with the rest of the village style

    Then Fallon Dale is not for you :)

    Attached Files:

    Community Notice Board

    Land Survey Board

    1. Church re-design
      • Bell tower needs redone. This is the second version after the church was moved five blocks to the left. The new one is rushed and not suitable for style. We need a better, perhaps slimmer and slightly taller version
      • Decoration of internals and better design on entrance. Space is limited

    2. Perimeter Wall beautifcation
      • Netherrack at set intervals burning to create ambience, but must be contained and hidden to show only flame
      • Future extension will see the wall extending out to the east to meet an existing wall. The current wall stretch will remain creating a secondary inner wall

    This thread is reserved for upcoming jobs and adventures at Fallon Dale

  3. Does the enderdragon come with the base?
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  4. She tends to pay visits from time to time to make sure her domain is still in order. :D
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  6. Visitors as in, not taking anyone in to the village. People are free to wander around, etc obviously.
  7. Looks really pretty :)
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  8. Nice build :)
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  9. Thanks guys. :)

    Our intention has always been to have it to a state where once we get Wild Portals and Protection, to rent out the houses in the village and allow a certain degree of building rights (Subterranean only).

    Just need to sit tight and wait for those features! :D
  10. Added more pictures.
  11. looks real nice, lots of hours!
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  12. Lots! To the stage where I was thinking: "I hate this game." :p
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  13. Fallon Dale is now live and the first new tenants are tentatively making their way on the hazardous journey to their new home in the Frontier - wish them luck, and remember, it could be you next!
  14. A big welcome to Autumnrain26 - The first player to reach Fallon Dale!

    The journey time was a total of 10 hours. :confused:
  15. I was thinking about joining, and then you said 10 hours.... Aww hell nah