FaithfulIcons [1.7.2]

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Should this be the default/suggested EMC resource pack?

Yeah! That would be awesome! 4 vote(s) 44.4%
I don't care. 3 vote(s) 33.3%
No! (post reason in comments) 2 vote(s) 22.2%
  1. FaithfulIcons is a resoure pack, compiled by me, that allows you to use special icons in-game.
    It replaces chinese characters with minecraft blocks, items, and more.

    Right now this pack replaces FaithfulVenom, however for a price (PM me for more info) I can adapt it to work with a resource pack of your choice.

    I propose that this be the default EMC texture pack, as it will allow much more descriptive names, etc.

    When a player doesn't have the resource pack installed, all icons will look like chinese characters, which limits the use in global chat.

    I don't have any screenshots yet, however if someone would download this pack and take some screenshots, that would be awesome!

    Icon Packs

    Copy and paste these ingame for some fun!

    Art Gallery: 錥 錐 錑 錓 錔 錕 錙 錝 錞 錟 錠 錡 錢 錣 錤 錦
    Low Health: 鎐 鎎 鎎 鎎 鎎 鎎 鎎
    Enderdragon & Egg: An enderdragon 鋪 and his egg 鞭
    Gems: Gems galore! A diamond (邶), an emerald (邸), a ruby (邷), and even iron ingots (邰)!
    Diamond Armor: I've got a full suit of armor! A helmet (逼), a chestplate (逽), leggings (逾), and boots (逿)!


    Google Drive
    Coming soon!
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  2. Can a moderator please move this to General Minecraft? I didn't see that section at the time of posting :)
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  3. I really like it. I am not sure it should be a suggested pack, but it is a really cool version of faithful and now my default pack!
  4. No.
    EMC never has suggested or required packs, as quite a few people's computers can't handle them.
  5. Really cool. But when the server would have it it would mean people would not be able to use their own resoure pack. And how do you type those letters?
  6. You'll probably have to copy and paste them or go to Character Map to type them, unless you have a chinese keyboard which I doubt you do.
  7. Can you make it so that glass connects with optifine?