Faith Inc. Mall 1111 - Hiring Floor Managers!

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  1. Hello EMC
    I have been away from EMC now for a while, lets put an end to this. Shall we ?
    So my idea with my amazing mall is to have a total of 12 players, stocking it with their own sell/buy signs, own prices, Like having a little shop. At each sell place, there will be an access sign to you. And a sell sign with your name to you earn/loose money when people sell/buy items from you. It will look like this--\
    The reason i have decided doing this, is all the people asking me to open to amazing stocked/prized SMP1 mall. I will not earn ANYTHING from this thing, the floor owners will.

    Making Sure Everything Stays Stocked:
    The reason that i don't accept people owning 2-3-4 floors is that they simply can keep the stock as good i want it to be. We need 12 player for 12 shop sections here are some details
    Floor 1
    Logs, Planks & Wooden Items (Manager Under Assignment - ssparten117)
    Floor 2
    Stone Blocks & Stone Items
    Floor 3
    Gems, Ingots & Ores (Manager - yankees518)
    Floor 4
    Decoration & Building Materials
    Floor 5
    Wool & Dyes
    Floor 6
    Floor 7
    Mob Drops (Manager under assignment - pat2011)
    Floor 8
    Food & Other Nature (Manager under assignment - mba2012)
    Floor 9
    Redstone Power Materials & Tech
    Floor 10
    Nether & End World (Manager Under Assignment - codygraw101)
    Floor 11
    Weapons & Miscellaneous (Manager Under Assignment EpicWeow4)
    Floor 12
    Eggified Animals (Manager Under Assignment facu12301)

    Please contact me in-game for more details what's gonna be sold on each floor
    All For One And One For All! Lets Make This Happend!
  2. Nice idea faith!
  3. is section 11 enchanted weapons or just normal ones
  4. Normal Weapons.
    Wood, Iron, Gold, Diamond - Axe, Pickaxe, Spade, Hoe

    Leather, Iron, Gold, Diamond - Helm, Chest, Leggins, Boots
  5. I could do weapons and misc. I have a lot of unenchanted and LVL 30 enchanted stuff that could go there. I also think it would be a fun experience.
  6. Can you please come SMP1 ?
  7. Not at moment, sorry. I will as soon as I can.
  8. I might be able to do floor 8. I'll talk to my friend.
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  9. Ok
    Remember everyone, you are the one stocking, earning, working.
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  10. I can stock floor 7.
  11. Come SMP1
    I need to fill you with informations
  12. Please contact me in a PM if interested in a floor, to avoid bothering Faithcaster. I will be on later tonight. Faith had to go, so I will be watching over this for a while (until tomorrow). Please remember, you will have to be cleared by Faithcaster first.
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  13. If mba is not going to end up with floor 8 I could probably take over it :)
  14. I can do Floor 1, i live on smp1 so i can check on the floor daily.
  15. Just wondering, what is involved in floor 6?
  16. Yeah i know its hard to keep a good shop stocked.
    One question though, would you not have to give them container access?
    I had a small shop on someone else's res once and it was robbed by a fellow shop keeper!
  17. If You want I can stock floor 12. I have a lot of spawn eggs!
  18. We do not give out container perms. People are given access signs to stock, and build perms temporarily to put up shop signs, I believe. We do this as we do not want mass grief and stealing from the mall that we hope revives.
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  19. Whoever has floor 3 is going to have a hard time because of me...
    With a few exceptions. :p
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  20. Aha, I make sure you can't sell too much (or are you buying?), I don't wanna go bankrupt :p