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  1. The outpost I made is on smp7 and it has alll of the requirements, the rules are as follows:
    No tnt use to destroy the surface, must be used on y 30 or lower
    No Griefing
    No Stealing
    No bugging me
    No hating on others
    No making lag machines
    No making pointless holes
    and more to come
  2. May I ask is the name an Anime reference? :)
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  3. Yes, Yes it is
  4. Good thing someone knows what the name is from
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  5. Now this is a newly established Outpost it took a while to do but it is :)
  6. ok salamander i might think about joining you. (ps. was so sad when the series ended )
  7. and i hope the outpost is by the sea to make it geographically correct
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  8. Lol. My roomy makes anime versions of his friends with the symbol on them XD
  9. And can I join?
  10. It is in the xtreme hills biome bordered by the sea, there is a small area that is plains though
  11. good enough fairy tail was on a small plain vale surrounded on three sides by mountains and on the back side by the sea.
  12. sounds like ill finally get my chance to replicate an anime in minecraft. tariforming time.
  13. where is the application to join? ;)
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  14. ^ ^ ^
    | | |
  15. dido
  16. I will let you guys join in a little bit im still fixing things up, and a couple mob farms are being built etc just found my 5th spider spawner, 4 are cavespider 1 is regular, they all are within 60 blocks of each other i forgot to mention that:)
  17. cool i can make a good obsid gen with that much string.
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  18. I... Need... Screenshots :D
  19. as i said before the area is still under construction in the next week it should be usable and screenshots will be up