Fair Shop.

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  1. Surprisingly I found out today on SMP8 that fairshop is no longer there anymore,it may of fallen prey to the new derelict update or someone bought the spot but it will be bitter sweet to do /v +fs and then realize that you no longer can.

    Rest in Peace Fairshop you were a big part of the smp8 mall community.
  2. I will miss FS too. Really liked that mall! :)

    P.S. Like your Halloween signature Q! Was looking to temporarily change mine to something a little Halloweeny. :D
  3. they went derelict :( i know several players (shell & me 2) voted 4 them and tried 2 keep them up. but theres only so much u can do :confused:
  4. I don't think I've ever actually been to the SMP8 Fair Shop, but anyhow, rest in peace Fair Shop :(
  5. R.I.P. Fairshop
  6. Blame MD.
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  7. Thanks MD

    Seeing how fs was out of stock most of the time, this was bound to happen eventually. I think I'm more disappointed about losing the nice build :S
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  8. Wasn't the outside of fairshop built like a giant Minion statue?
  9. Its minion gave me some of the joy i have had left of smp8
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  10. It was a great build, it just needed number adjustments on the shop signs and it'd be a happening place. Also a rupee injection. Then it would have been an elite shop again.