Failed to login: Bad login ... Help?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by AvocadoMatt, Nov 23, 2013.

  1. I literally just got Diamond Supportership, I'm not logged onto Minecraft with any other devices and it wont let me log in anymore. All I did is switch from my laptop to my desktop and I even shutdown my laptop, but yet I can't join a single server. Help?
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  2. Well im pretty sure it isnt because you bought diamond supporter.
    Im getting the message too and i have reset my whole launcher to make sure that wasnt it...
    still getting the message...

    Edit : i tested it out on other servers and my own. but every server gives me the same message : Failed to login: Bad login.
    I think there is a problem at mojang or something..
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  3. I'm having the problem too. It seems to happen when I try to log back on right after I've logged off. What happens is:
    1. I logon successfully and play for a bit.
    2. I logoff for a short time (2-3 minutes)
    3. I try to log back on, but get the error message instead.
    I tried logging out of my Minecraft account from the launcher, and then logging back in, but that didn't help.
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  4. I think there is some kind of server problem, cause its not possible to join any server...
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  5. Yep. servers are down.
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  6. No they're not, I just got the message once, tried to log in again and got in.
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  7. Just spam :D
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  8. Im always getting the message Trying to Log in The Past 2 Days Thought It Was Only Me
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  9. Solutions
    1. Keep trying to connect
    2. Put this in the right forum
    3. Try Direct Connect
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  10. 1. Doesn't work.
    2. What is the right forum?
    3.Also does not work.
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