Failed to connect to the server Forever

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  1. I keep trying to access Empire from my pc but I keep failing to connect. it says

    " refused: no further information:"

    I have reinstaled java and minecraft. Idk what elso to do, help?!
  2. We don't use that address anymore. Please connect using and then do /server smp9. :)
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  3. Some peoples minecraft simply does not use the correct DNS records, so it breaks those old addresses...(This is a minecraft or Java bug... I wish they would fix it)

    You may use as said above, or specifically "" if you want to always direct connect to smp9.
  4. i've been using, is that the same as
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  5. Thats the old server connection :)
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  6. Yes. Just sometimes can fail for people due to it using the "Fancy" version of connecting called SRV records, and that sometimes fails.

    But the is the "Direct" connection that will always work, doesn't use SRV.
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  7. MC_OWEN uses "", the very old login, it works for him. Try "".
  8. That was exactly what didn't work
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  9. Oh.
  10. Case and point:

    Use these:; and do /server smp9

    Don't use this: