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  1. why doesnt EMC have factions/clans?
  2. EMC is not a pvp server there for no factions
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  3. hmm yeah makes sence, could still be some use in "groups" though.
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  4. thare are wild clans like the llo (last light outpost)on smp7
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  6. What Dog said. There are - there just isn't a mod for it. Most groups keep a forum thread and things like voice chats for their groups.
  7. intersesting... Thanks :)
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  8. There is several wilderness communities- big and small. There are a few groups with the title "Team". Factions would not be the proper term for EMC's groups
  9. We don't want groups/factions. This has been brought up before (for example; a Dutch chat) it would separate the community, and we don't want that. We like being one big/huge happy family. Accept for those rule breakers. We don't like them.
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  10. Ugh, factions. I see them as a few people that band together and stomp out every other faction in existence because they paid people a diamond to join.
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  11. hahah nice, yeah alot of that would happen, but i wasnt thinking that at all
  12. Fixed;)