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  1. So I get thinking about thing when I'm doing mundane, repetitive tasks in EMC. Then I try to take on these ideas as new projects myself. Now I am involved in far too many projects, and not enough time to take on any more. So I've started this thread to put my ideas/suggestions out there, and for anyone else to offer some thoughts or suggestions as well.

    Lots of these have already been made in some servers. Some ideas may be original, i'm not sure.

    Lots of people cry about being bored, or not knowing what to do. I suggest they get together with friends and begin a project. So here's a few things you can do:

    Farms and Services:
    Public Stone Generator:

    - Giant 50 wide, 12 high, 12 deep walls of stone, always ready to be harvested. 3 of these exist on various servers that i know of.
    - Would require 'destroy' public flag on a res. Recommend also removing 'move, enderpearl, tp' flags to the public to keep them out of the res. And allowing them to mine from roadside to minimise possible damage to machine.
    - Have shops nearby to buy/sell cobble, stone, and every craftable block of both. As well as shops to sell enchanted picks (basic and silk).
    - Possibly information on a repair service for tools also.
    - a teleport to a bulk store that buys stone and cobble.

    Public Ice Farm:
    - Two options:
    1. Entire 60 x 60 res exposed to sky and auto-flooded with water to form ice. OR
    2. Ice machine pushing ice into a 12 x 12 area of any width (50?) similar to stone Generator above, where people can mine it from roadside.
    - Ice is slow to form, so not a hugely fast farm, would need to be located near an area that is loaded for long periods of time.
    - All the same shops and info as mentioned above in stone gen.

    Semi-private Wood Farm:
    - Two options:
    1. Manual plant and grow tree's spaced out, and capped. multi-storied to give plenty of chopping time before first planted saplings grow into trees again.
    2. Semi-auto wood machine using bonemeal and pistons to push out a 12 x 12 x 12 area of wood.
    - Semi-private because there's no way to truly protect this from griefing. You may want to charge people to use it, or contract the work to people.
    - Place shops and info on another res where they can't be destroyed, to buy/sell the wood and tools. Just like in the stone gen idea.

    Auto-Furnace Service:
    - Auto-furnaces setup in pairs. With space for access signs to be placed above the input and output chests.
    -Two options to pay for this:
    1. Contract out the 'use' of the auto-furnace, including cost of fuel (lava buckets or blaze rods). People pay for a set amount of 'fuel' time. access chest is setup for input and output, and when all fuel is used, access sign is removed, and ready for next player.
    2. Contract out based on 'time', client tells you when they are finished. Access signs are placed on input and output chests, and the Fuel chest. Clients can 'buy' fuel from shop nearby, or use their own.
    - Depending on how popular the service is, there pay be enough people around to keep the area active, so clients just fill their chests and leave, come back later to pickup the output.
    - Could also expand this to include buying Sand/cobble that feeds into auto-furnace, and sells Glass/Stone. Or any other smelted products (eg netherrack/nether brick)

    Advanced Tutorials:
    ( Yes, there are often youtube vids on this, but some people find it helpful to physically see these things from all angles)
    - Simple Redstone principals and how to apply them to useful things. Eg.
    1. Hopper clocks attached to various different pulses, or on/off sustained signal.
    2. piston or redstone Budswitch attached to an example produce farm or other useful purpose.
    3. Comparator activated clock, compared with fast redstone torch clock, attached to Dispenser firing bonemeal or eggs.
    4. Comparator and Repeater pulse lengthener attached to crusher, water dispencer, or some such for different purposes.
    - Physical representation of active areas of various things like Spawners, EMC mob active range, village range, etc.
    - Signs and Feature signs explaining all the different 'chats' available in EMC, and how to use them. Including @ shortcut symbol. Include link to wiki with same info.
    - Signs and Feature signs covering all the res flags and what they affect (including the new flags). Include link to wiki with same info.

    Information center:
    - Sell a book with the information below, as well as sign and feature signs detailing each thing.
    - List of shop res numbers from all servers including info on pricing/services if relevant.
    - List of other interesting reses on EMC, such as: Services, entertainment, amazing/themed builds.
    - Links to wiki pages on important aspects of EMC such as Staff services, res flags, rules, Difference between town - wild -wastelands.
    - Sell books containing player works of fiction, as well as history of EMC and significant people and events. (should probably have that on the forum/wiki as well).
    - Museum of Minecraft things and EMC custom things especially. Perhaps pictures/maps of EMC things and places.

    Specialty shops:
    Potion shop:
    - Like in a few megamalls, a shop dedicated to all kinds of potions, and potion making gear and ingredients. Ability to specialise can reduce costs and sell cheaper.
    - A large automatic potion brewer located nearby. Or even built into the entire shop.
    - Possible to fully-automate the entire shop by auto-feeding bought ingredients into auto-brewers and dropping the potions into their respective shops.
    - Careful pricing of ingredients to never run out of potions. Contract suppliers, or bulk buy and store supplies of needed ingredients.

    Bakery/Butcher Facility:
    - Shop front selling all types of produce, food, meats and animal drops.
    - Bakery containing all required resources to make all food types (eg. cow for milk to make cakes, mini-auto-chicken farm for eggs/meat)
    - Butcher, basically just semi-automating farming of cows, pigs, chickens.
    - With res limit of 100 mobs, farming animals is not very economical. Might be better to either run an wild based 250 animal farm, or contract the supplies from another player.
    - Possibly build to allow public to make their own food, cakes, pies, etc.

    Fishing Shop:
    - A fishing hole situated in a beautiful surround.
    - Shops nearby buying/selling all kinds of fish, and fishing related tools (inc. enchanted rods).
    - Possibly a shop/facility for selling ocelots to tame as cats. (I don't know how that works in EMC town).
    - Fish tanks around the place with different fish inside.
    - Perhaps a swimming pool and BBQ area?
    - Go all out and build a hydro-slide, and skydive.

    .. More to come when i lag out and have time to kill :)
  2. Reserved

    And if Anyone has more ideas, please share.

    I realise some people like to keep their genius money making schemes to themselves :) But if you don't have time to do it, you should give it to someone else. make it happen.
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  3. Can't Wait! Hop this gets fully completed because we need a good one of these!
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  6. Thanks.
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  7. And if Anyone has more ideas, please share.

    I realise some people like to keep their genius money making schemes to themselves :) But if you don't have time to do it, you should give it to someone else. make it happen.
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  8. I will be creating a potion shop on smp7, as soon as possible..
  9. Cool. let me know when it is done.
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  10. I might set up a meat (steak, pork, chicken) service somewhere in the near future, probably only stack form or single chest form considering you can only have 100 entities on a res at once
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  11. Would my supply company fall into any catagory?
  12. Well sort of. These are all just ideas. :) fire away if you have another idea/suggestion?

    Your supply company is more a contract business rather than a facility/shop. As you do all the work, and sell the produce. I suppose most of my rambling above is focused on minimal maintenance time. To automate as much as possible, to allow 100's of people to use it, while not taking up all your own time.

    Hence the idea of contracting out the use of the wood farm, or building in such a way that people can harvest it themselves. (but someone will need to grow the trees). Not sure how that'd all work. Not sure it's possible realistically.
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  13. Ok, I was Just wondering. :D
  14. Yeah, I'm not too sure how that'd be possible with all of the god damn griefers these days.... Though a bunch of reses for this I'd think could work.
  15. if it was a cobble farm then we could have you mine the cobble from the path way / antother res and turn off move for everyone else
  16. The difficulty with the wood farm is that you have to plant/grow the trees. Hence, not fully automatic. And any method you use too allow people to build/destroy without move, still means people simply won't replant. Making it an auto-wood machine, still need to replant, and anything in range of being replanted, can also be destroyed. The machine won't last long.

    I've built a public wool farm, and next to it, giant Stone gen:

    /v 10023
  17. I had previously talked to Just_Five_Fun about creating new flags for purposes like this one.
    I mentioned maybe a harvest flag that allows player to harvest crops and plant the crops back. (safer than having to give build flag)
    This could be extended to maybe a stone/cobble flag , log flag and ice flag if that come up too, just an idea.