FaceBOOM! Get your Youtube Channel Advertised!

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  1. Hey, I know you all have been wanting your Youtube channels to be advertised..
    We're going to be advertising channels weekly. Go ahead, in this thread, link to your channel, and post a preferred picture you'd like used (or none, if you want it to be the youtube icon).

    • Channel name

    • What you do

    • Short description of the channel

    • Who all is involved with the channel

    • Link to channel
    Again, if you have a preferred picture you'd like to use, rather than the video icon, we can do that. :D

    Your channel will be advertised on the EMC Facebook. If you haven't already, please give our page a like! >> fb.emc.gs
  2. "What you do"
    Umm *takes look at youtube videos for first time in 3 months* I make videos that get flagged for music copyright!
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  3. Channel name: Jtc's channel

    What I do: Let's plays of games and other random things

    Short disc.: I do let's plays of games I come across, being indie or developed, and every once in a while do livestreams. While I am new to YouTube, I am slowly learning thing which will benefit the channel later on.

    Who is involved: Myself

    Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCLMSQs9h_yphTH71GWtkAA

    NOTE: If my channel is advertised, PLEASE include that I am currently inactive due to things beyond my control and I will be back and uploading around Late March\April
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  4. Channel Name: NinjaBroccoli (Let's just say, I have an addiction to broccoli ;))
    What I do: I make minecraft videos, at the moment, there's only 1 up, but I'm planning on getting right back into it as soon as exams are over.
    Short Description: At the moment, there's episode 1 of a series I'm working on, called "Rupee-Making on EMC". Which gives people a good and efficient way to thrive on here. I'll probably have a getting started series as well, and many other things to come.
    Who's involved: Just me, but of course, I may have "guest appearances" every once in a while.
    Link: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheNinjaBroccoli
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  5. Channel name: Thesambish20

    What I do: Let's plays. Computer tutorials. Mashups/mixes and more!

    Short disc.: I do many different type of videos! Mainly it's gameplay but I also offer tutorials and different mash-ups that I make.

    Who is involved: Myself and a friend who just joined called SupremeGood. But it's mainly just me

    Link: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheSambish20
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    • Channel name : TheMiniKins

    • What you do : Many gaming videos from a variety of different games (None up yet, I start recording in March, I just have a trailor)

    • Short description of the channel : I play games, and you watch them. huehuehuehue

    • Who all is involved with the channel : Just me, but I may feature people from time to time

    • Link to channel https://www.youtube.com/user/theminikins
    Heres my profile pic :
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  6. Channel Name - ViTiRi

    What I do - Post Gaming Videos; mostly Minecraft, but I do post other games every now and then.

    Short Description - I try to post around 3-4 Videos a week (I have been away visiting family for the last month so nothing has been posted. Videos will continue sometime this week) mostly Minecraft videos. I do Minecraft Tutorials now and then I also posts other gaming content such as Call of Duty, (I know, a lot of people dislike it) Grand Theft Auto, and other games every so often. I have about 140 Subscribers and my most viewed video has over 4,500 views :) .

    Who's all involved - Only me at the moment, I do videos now and then with other people. I'm the only one that posts on the channel though.

    Link - http://youtube.com/ViTiRiGamer

    Preferred Image - https://i.imgur.com/TpzK78G.png
  7. I do have a few channels but I no longer make videos. I will make a new channel sometime probably and do videos on EMC. Possibly :p If I do I will post here - great idea Max!
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  8. Channel name = SlowKinggamer

    What you do = Make let's plays and Lego stuff

    Short description of the channel = Hi SlowKinggamer there,
    Minecraft Name = IronicSwordPlay
    Go to the Empire Minecraft website to see my service on the server!
    I like Cheese, Star Wars, Minecraft and YouTube.
    I also like playing multiplayer, request games if you want, check out my Multiplayer channel!

    Who all is involved with the channel = Oli Bowker, xELiiTExOPZz , MrDaredevilGamer and vMCjewel

    Link to channel = https://www.youtube.com/user/Slowkinggamer
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  9. Does it have to be a channel about minecraft? If it is, can the videos be played on a different server?
  10. I believe as long as the server isn't based around wilderness survival, towny, or economy stuff, it should be fine. So mini-games, PVP, and other stuff should be fine. :)
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  11. Thanks. :)
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  12. www.youtube.com/MiarcBros

    People involved: Marc (QuarterStop)/Mike
    We do EMC, among other games.
    Started almost two years ago, we've done many games and plan on doing many more. Currently we are stressed for time so a few videos a week of MC or GTA.
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    • Channel name: AdinDoesGaming

    • What you do: Play minecraft hunger games, pvp, and emc (That rhymes!)
    • Short description of the channel: I got bored one day and decided to make a youtube channel since it seemed fun!
    • Who all is involved with the channel: Me, and a few friends

    • Link to channel: www.youtube.com/AdinDoesGaming
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  13. Channel Name: ShadowKman

    People involved: Me

    I will start doing regular EMC LP videos and PvP.
    I will also start playing other games.
    Vlogs and more build showcases to come.

    Please use my current profile picture if possible.
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  14. Channel name TheSquaredReality

    What you do I play Minecraft and other games sometimes. Like happy wheels. I also do random things like put a football in my underwear and sit on an exercise bike.

    Short description of the channel I started doing YouTube since one of my friends did it. It was fun and cool to make videos of me doing things. All you really got to do is sit back, relax, and have fun watching my videos!

    Who all is involved with the channel just me for now

    Link to channel YouTube.com/user/TheSquaredReality
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    • TheWebtuts
    • I make video how to tutorials
    • I started off doing basic web design tutorials and then went on to do minecraft one's on how to install mods etc.
    • I am the only one involved with my channel
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  16. Channel name: cutejulie15

    What you do: I make music videos (sinking my lips to the music)

    Short description of my channel: This channel is strictly for music videos of my favorite songs, i started a few years back and now I just practice my editing skills. I've gotten better as I got older. I'm hoping in the future I can get into college to edit movies that everyone sees in the theaters :)

    Who is involved: Me and occasionally some friends from my school

    Link to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/cutejulie15
  17. Name stormboy231
    About MC
    I work by myself (only sometimes friend stuff)
    Link in my signature :)

    I really just do all I can to make my sub's happy :)
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