Exz bootifle pantinz

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  1. Yo m8s im makin a legit paint company

    1 profile pic - 500r

    1 pic redraw (a pic if your choice beautified by me) - 1000r

    Reply to this thread and pay me the rublets and ill reply to ur comment with the beautifle pic.

    Here is my forst ever work (copywright ill sue m9)


    Scroll down to see some satisfied customers and the bottifle paintinz they got :)
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  2. Sure :) could it have my Archer skin slaying some creepers :) thanks
  3. Link me a pic of ur archer skin

    Also u want extra derpification (1k) or notmal bottifle pic (500r)

    EDIT: extra derpification means i try to redraw ur skin while normal bootifle pic is my own style
  4. I'm really frustrated that the picture is from a phone camera not a screenshot :(
  5. Ok hope u like rate on a scale of -1 to 8 with -1 being id have to pay u to take the pic and 8 being u will make a body pillow with that pic on it
  6. If u tell me how to screenshot on windows i can tottally do it.. yes idk how to screenshot.
  7. Get a software for it google it
  8. Ok would u loke one of these bootifle pics if i screenshot it :p
  9. Probably
  10. Ok lol what kind the 1k version or 500r version
  11. 1k
  12. Ok my pc is literally just kinda skrewin around mind if i ise an iphone app to draw it? Its the same thing pretty much.
  13. sure
  14. Link me a pic of what u want me to recreate
  15. Use "Snipping tool." It is already installed.
  16. Whats it do screenshot or snip?
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  17. I like the creeper, very creepy.