Extremely weird town Glitch

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  1. So my sheep completely stop moving while my chickens teleport all over the residence. Then I randomly lose glowstone dust from a glowstone I just placed. Any idea what's going on?
  2. Oh and coal teleports from chest to inventory to furnace.
  3. just 1.3.2 glitches never stop making me mad :(

    But yeah, more glitches with plugins and junk.
  5. Its the server not reconsigning that the client is doing something. Like when you move a item the client says the to server it is, but if the server doesnt listen then it goes back to the chest with the server thinking thats where it goes. With res resets its the server not noticing that the client is placing/breaking. With furnaces not working that a plugin same with BLOCKX. The sheep thing is likely that they are lagging and looks like they arnt moving server side again. The chickens teleport is likely that you are lagging and they move, but they are moving normally etc but they can fly but not up only down so if they are somewhere high they can float down. You only get glowstone dust back glowstone because im guessing that when you crafted it the server hasnt noticed that you made them so by placing the glowstone the servers like "Defaq you get that?!" and takes it back to your invo like it was before when it remembered when you last had something glowstone and thats the only thing
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  6. So to summarise, you can't stop it until a stable patch is moved onto the servers (again) - I think Aikar said he will be releasing one soon.
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  7. Alkair the fixer can we fix it?
    YES WE CAN!!!
  8. I....I don't know if I can handle 1.3 anymore....
  9. Ok, thanks guys.