[EXTENDED VOTE] 18002 SMP9 Spawn Residence Usage

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  1. Hey there guys! Recently you may have noticed I have claimed 18002 on smp9. I was originally going to build an Emerald Pyramid to complete the ore pyramid collection, but after several peoples comments I have came up with this idea of an extended vote.

    So, I know that many people are unhappy with another pyramid. Therefore, this theory is designed to let everyone have their say and the most popular option to be chosen :)

    How you do it is simple, reply to this thread, or alternatively PM me with the following format or something along these lines:

    1) What to build (Carry on emerald pyramid build, build a unique building for a museum, sell it to me [state offer])

    2) State your reason why you have chosen this. You must explain it, a few words like, "I think it is cool" will not be accepted ;) Something such as, "I think this would benefit the whole community more and will be alot different to what is usually built, so I think this option would be a greater option than the others" is what I am looking for, and you can go in more depth if you wish :D

    So just pop me the message and the one with the most convincing argument wins - and yes if it is a museum I may be looking for a builder! Things shall be arranged after the extended vote. So please give me your opinions, and thanks to all :cool:
  2. Emerald pyramid

    On smp9 were kinda know for a pyramids and the fun thing they hold inside i mean even our town spawn has mini pyramids.

    it comes down to this, you own the res you build what you want. Wanna be a true 9ner you know what to do we discussed a few good idea as to what you could hide in it which i think would be fun.

    Edit: But as i have said it comes down to you got the res you build what you want, if people dont like it they dont have to see it. As long as your happy with what you have made then thats all that counts . Woul di love to see the emerald pyramids yes and i can speak for many others that would to.
  3. Emerald pyramid

    its kinda what 905 of smp9 has come to expect and i love davies max and dwights and deaths auto farm/drop aprty room were amazing so i would like to see another amazing hidden emerald wonder
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  4. I know im deaths wife but

    Emerald pyramid

    he told me the idea he talked over with you, i know i would love it too
  5. Emerald prymid.

    I'm not a big fan df these prymid things but it will look good for then we will have all the blocks gold, iron, diamond and Emerald. :)
    As Death said above, it is up to you what you want to build for you own the res. :)
    Btw I'm Gadget_AD.
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  6. Museum. I'm tired of pyramids simply. With all due respect they just aren't creative. Anyone really can make a pyramid, but it looks amazing and is a ton better IMO when there's something that takes true talent and has a epic function on top of looking awesome. A museum built by one of EMC's best builders that looks awesome with every possible thing you could think of that is exclusive inside of it would be amazing.

    If you walk around SMP1, you see tons of great builds with nice usages. SMP9 is more of a redstone-based server and thus has it's lag, but I think it'd be nice to see a SMP1-style build on 18002. :)
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  7. ^
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  8. Emerald pyramid needs to go there.

    Its only befitting that the saga continues. no reason something cool cant go inside.
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  9. Also, I hope you're counting responses by the quality and not just the votes. Sure 90% of people are probably going to say pyramid, but 80% of those probably can't give a worthy reason. I think the explanation should count too.
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  10. why not a museum inside a pyramid....the theme of that area is pyramids i dont see why you wouldnt want to complete the cycle.
  11. because of this
    I'm probably just going to debate with everyone's votes from now on lol. Most likely most will end up with no reason, maybe some people will have a way around my thinking :3
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  12. Debating is the key here - we want to see if the majority have a good argument for keeping with the idea or not!
  13. i dont know what you judge creativity by but in minecraft we are limited to blocky shapes in the blocks provided. what you do with the open space under the pyramid can be just as creative as a utopian castle. its all based off perspective. i think clearing all the dirt underneath the pyramid and doing something really cool would be more worthwhile then upsetting the feng shui of the area
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  14. No reason a museum cant go inside it, i dont see why you care so mcu you say smp9 doesnt have quailty build i think you may need to have another look. some of the best emc builders reside here. it may be most of the buils are out in the wild

    like bite said and as i discussed with Fdny last night. each pyrmid houses something fun. and a museum would fit well here.

    as for this
    As for this there really is no need for you to nit pick every ones vote and or comment you have said you peace now let the others
  15. I'm tired of pyramids simply - last i check you dont live on smp9, why do you care so much

    With all due respect they just aren't creative - considering deathtomb is one of the most creative people i know redstone aside . you must not of seen most of his work. Dwight again is very creative, alongside with bigdavie i cant say much for but i mean hes bigdavie!

    Anyone really can make a pyramid - sure they can but how many can make them out of diamond gold iron and emerald? its not the lack of skill but the effort put forth into the build in this case

    but it looks amazing and is a ton better IMO when there's something that takes true talent and has a epic function on top of looking awesome - Budder pyramid with amazing next to free auto farms common. - iron invisible maze common, diamond just insane maze i have a love hate for that thing

    and smp9 is smp9 for a reason and not smp1 for a reason
  16. Emerald pyramid..
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  17. Explanation? :)
  18. Wow, there are almost 10 residences at smp9 spawn with pyramids now :p
  19. More opinions please, bump! ;)