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  1. Hello there.
    I'm 20 years old from France, currently a litterature student.
    My ingame name is zibbizor. (used to be my brother's account when he was playing, I inherited it.)

    I was part of another server before called Woodenaxe but unfortunately it has not been upgraded to 1.2 yet and I don't really like the new policies that were put in place.

    I've seen the advert for this server on MCSL, so I guess if you have the capabilities to do that, it means your server runs well. So I'll stick around and see how things are over here, and maybe stay.

    See you ingame !
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  2. Welcome to the Empire! I hope you enjoy it here (hopefully more than that other server you mentioned.)
  3. You found a great community ;) Hope you enjoy it!
  4. Welcome! France is a lovely country but your driving skills in town centres are crazy.

    I'm going back there later this month to Meribel for my yearly spring ski holiday!
  5. Not only is this a great server, but a great and helpful community. I barely knew how to play this game before I became part of EMC, and thanks to everyone in the community, mods and admin included, I am now well established financially, and I have made some very good friendships through this. I am very pleased the server I love so much is one of the most popular, and I hope you grow to love it as well. Welcome. :)

    *Edit: Well established financially IN GAME. IRL that is a different story. :p
  6. im form wales nice to meet you.France is a nice country only wales are going to win the six nations
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  7. Well so far I decided to settle on server 4. See you there !
  8. welcome! to EMC have fun!!!
  9. i found this server by pure luck i think lol but its a great community :) welcome to EMC :D
  10. is that u in the photo??
  11. Feel free to hop on some of the other servers and do a few /v random every once and a while. :) sometimes that is how you find your best buddies. I know its how I know at least a handful of people now.

    Aside from that, welcome to EMC! You will have a great time :) Promise.
  12. welcome hope u enjoy
  13. Bienvenue à l'Empire!
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  15. Welcome to EMC and smp4!!! Make sure to stop by my shop at 8017 on smp4 ;)
  16. This needs more replies so when Kenokam gets back latter today he can make his comments again.
  17. yeh wen i went skydiveing lol
  18. I found this server on youtube, saw a review of it... LOVE it.
    The people are quite helpful.
    And the vault is nice if you hop to another server to look around, you can bring stuff with you with out too much of a problem.