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  1. I was wondering if the EMC head staff/owner has thought of expanding the server like minigames and all to draw the attention of other types of gameplaying players and then when they get a little burnt out on those then they head over to smp1-smp9 to do some survival and all. i do have some really good ideas as far as minigames go, all of which are nowhere out there and could be used. One idea i thought of was something like a RISK based gameplay. if any of you do not know that board game i would look it up so you know. of course with a gameplay like that you could throw in your own twist to it and add certain things. i have a few other types of gameplays which i will not list here unless needed so noone can take these ideas as their own for some other server or anything of that matter.
  2. A minigame server is being planned along with other different types of gameplay. Just be patient
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  3. coolio thanks for responding. and sorry i didnt now they had plans for anything like that, wasnt really being impatient due to not even having the knowledge of it planned XD
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  4. If a minigame server ever does happen, I will fight, and will fight hard to get quakecraft added.
  5. http://track.empire.us/issue/CON-3
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