Expanding ''Total entity limit''?

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  1. As the title says, i am wondering if there is ANY possibility to expand total entity limit? Except the donation option.
  2. Basically what he said.

    Entities simply just cause too much lag for the entity limit to be raised. Aikar has been taking extensive measures to maintain the sever's TPS at 20.00 and he has had to take measures that most of us are not happy with. This one server used to be at 13.## TPS even with the limit which caused him needing to lower the maximum amount of players.
  3. I'd honestly prefer seeing the limit decrease rather than increase.
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  4. no, The server has already had to make changes (such as lowering regular player cap to 40 from 60) to maintain 20.00 tps. This just would not work
  5. You can always go to the frontier to set up your mob operation, The total /entcount limit is 250 instead of 100 I believe. If you build correctly you should be safe out there, good luck!
  6. what about purchasing a new res? would i than be able to have more entities or not?
  7. If you purchased another res, you would be able to max out the entity count on there, as well as your first res, so in total, 200 entities :)
  8. Each residence has an entity cap of 100, so in theory you could have up to 600 just in town through supportership and max res vouchers. The wild offers upto 250 so you cou always go there if needed. :)
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  9. Utopia has a cap of 150. I personally own 4 reses on Utopia. That is 600 entities too, and takes up less res slots than 6 regular reses