Executionists Outpost (ESTABLISHED)

Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by LadyAdabell, Nov 7, 2014.

  1. I would like to claim the land around my locked chest on SMP5 to create an outpost.
  2. anyone on who can establish this ?
  3. morning guys!
  4. You can't claim land
  5. To make an outpost read the rules concerning them and then you must personally message on the website one of the senior staff try chickeneer and rainbowchin maybe
  6. Yeah Lancer indecated me to pm senior staff members which i did yesturday will the coordinates and all those who will be able to be there and followed the rules that stated that it had to be far from the other outpost
  7. Just make sure the senior staff ok it and then have fun on your outpost!
  8. she meant to say create an outpost!
  9. mhmm just waitinf for their replys ! I would like to build an exp farm there to avoid conflicts with the public ones
  10. Dont be surprised if the area does not work, for me it took multiple locations before i could establish my outpost "Fairy Tail" on smp7.
  11. nice! yeah first one didn't work xD i do have a question once you establish an outpost can you do the /frontier, /wastelands ect like you could in town or would you have to go all the way to an area that has the spawn point ?
  12. For now, you would have to go to a spawn point.
  13. so i would have to walk all the way back even once established xD ?
  14. I would suggest making a nether rail back:)
  15. like a nether portal ? xD i was just looking into that on youtube not sure how thatll work though
  16. you link up a nether portal to one at your outpost then you make a rail back to the outpost area with another portal where you can easily walk back to town
  17. yeah i might have to try this out in solo creative mode first to get the hang of it xD thanks for the help!
  18. My suggestion is to work from spawn to you place in nether, safest height is around block level 6.