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  1. Xbox360redbull has completely ripped off queendiva's design for a walmart in minecraft
    Just wanted to know if ripping off someones design is allowed?
  2. Its is allowed but ":(" most of the time but she making her's way better. Can't wait till she opens it up again
  3. It's frowned upon, but I cant say that it is "illegal"
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  4. Some people do say that plagiarism is the highest form of flattery. Doesn't necessarily make it cool, but y'know.
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  5. yes i was quite upset that he copied me to the exact block. i think originality should be set as a general rule. but i can say that this issue inspired me to create a better design based off my original 1. i pride myself at never copying others work with out their permission and always give credit to the original designer. i truly prefer to do my own work and out of respect expect others to do the same. Walmart is now called Queen's :)
  6. Considering that you copied Walmart and used their registered trademark, I would say things are pretty even.
  7. Where r your guys Res's? i want to check em out
  8. Can't wait to see it! :)
  9. i copied the empire shop no1 seems to care :3
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  10. The empire will strike back :)
  11. lol

    I think copying is flattering :)
  12. Someone made an exact copy of the town spawn on SMP5 right next to the actual town spawn, lol. I think it was TheSpyPie, but it looks like he got rid of it.
  13. We Will See........
  14. Copying isn't against any rules, It just shows that you are not original and can't spend the time to create your own ideas.
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  15. I agree with Justin. Whenever I go to build something in Minecraft, I always search online for inspirational stuff that other people have built. Don't take it as offensive. Take it as them honoring your work.
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  16. I have always been told two things;
    1. You shouldn't copy others - do your own thing!
    2. If someone copies you don't be mad just know that they only did it because of how great they thought you did!
    So this could go either way I would say that you should be flattered but they should not have copied you :)
  17. Now that I think of it that way, I agree.
  18. im creative no1 else thought to make a replica of empire shop :p :O
  19. ivon i know you did change your store design but before your new store you COMPLETELY ripped of mrfistersr's design
  20. Dude, imaging u did a good res.. someone stole the idea! How will it affect u