Evesthery's Art! Profile Pics, Signatures, and More!

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  1. Hi, I'm Evesthery, and I'm selling art pieces. Here are the ones I'm selling. I will add more options soon, I just wanted to get this thread up ASAP.

    Profile Pics:

    Cartoon Face: 500r per. Redos are 50r.

    DanTDM. Shading, but no shine in the eyes.
    Captainsparklez. Shading and eye shine.
    My skin. Eye shine, no shading.

    Torso: 3000r per. Redos are 1000r. If you want extra things (eg items in your hand or a fancy background), they're 500r per.

    This took me 3 hours to make, so it's more expensive. As a rough pricing, I charge about 1K per hour I spend on the piece.

    Custom: Tell me what you want, and I'll do my best to draw it for you. I will charge based on how long it took.

    Signatures: COMING SOON!

    Skins: 1000r per. Tell me what you're looking for, and provide example images if possible. I'll do two or three versions, and you can pick what you want.

    Want to order one? Just post on this thread with what you want, including an example image if applicable. If I have no order slots left, please check back here in a few days.

    Orders: 1/3
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  2. Bump! Lowered prices. Cartoon faces have been slashed in half. Also added an option for customs orders!
  3. 2k, for custom and body thing
  4. I'm confused. Would you like me to cartoonist the body of your Minecraft character, or cartoonist this image, or both?
  5. this image
  6. Can you re do humans? :p
  7. Ok. I should have it done by tomorrow.
  8. I could attempt to. It would be more expensive, as that sort of thing would take a long time. I could either take an image of yours, lower the resolution, and draw over it, or I could draw something based on your picture. As I have a drawing tablet, I might be able to do it. Give me a week or two.
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  9. ooh! I'm interested in this!

    could you do my avatar? torso. and idk how comfortable you are with animals but could you add a baby fox? or even a baby duck instead if not? lol flowers are also welcome ^_^ I leave it up to your creative eye.

    Here's my skin (kytula) http://minecraft.tools/en/skin.php?skin=kytula

    and if you don't want to draw that skin. I can take instead my alts (ky2la) http://minecraft.tools/en/skin.php?skin=ky2la

    So depending on what you're willing/able to do :D I look forward to hopefully getting an Evesthery original!
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  10. Actually, still a bit confused. Would you like me to make it blocky like a Minecraft skin, or turn it into a 2D cartoon image? If it's the latter you want, I can't do it. That image is too complex for my drawing skills and software and time available. I could us that image as a reference point, and just draw the moon-guy in front. Would that work for you?
    I'd be happy to do that for you! I can do your torso for sure, and I might be able to add a little fox peeking in from the side.
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  11. Awesome! thanks so much <3 paid also ;)
  12. Here's your order, Kytula. I did two versions, background and no background.

    BackgroundNo Background
    Just right click and select save as. BTW, CatLady808 did the fox and the background, so kudos to her. ;)
  13. These...Are...Awesome!!!!! Thanks sooo much!
    Both are reallly well done ^o^
    I love them both! <3 and thank you too CatLady808!
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  14. Thanks! I hope to get some referrals from this happy customer. ;-) It was really fun to work on. If you want a matching signature, I could do that too. I'd just need to figure out what my options would look like.
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  16. Done! You didn't ask for anything extra, so I left it as a transparent background.

    Hope you like it! That'll be 2500r.
  17. wow I love this could u do my skin? I will pay 4k for a one with my skin (skip the weird eyes) and a wolf with a blue color? I have been looking for a good one for awhile :)
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  18. What do you mean by weird eyes?
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