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So which should I build?

1. Mall 5 vote(s) 18.5%
2. Forest 1 vote(s) 3.7%
3. Marlix 7 vote(s) 25.9%
4. Underground City 10 vote(s) 37.0%
5. Above ground Town 0 vote(s) 0.0%
6. Storage 2 vote(s) 7.4%
7. Mystery thingy 2 vote(s) 7.4%
  1. Ok so, obviously from the title this isn't anything specific, and is more or less just to help me focus on one specific build rather than build a quarter of something, get bored of it, start another something. As you can see I'm quite bogged down....

    1. 19991 Ice Mall, only has 3 floors....

    2. Winter Forest, 2/4 reses done, meant to be in for winter....

    3. Momentus and Marlix statues, with a distinct lack of Marlix (they're meant to be back-to-back)

    4. Underground Paradise/City, not a single house....

    5. Above surface village thingy, couple more buildings needed.

    6. Underground storage, haven't even completed the roof....

    7. And finally, an undecided series of underground rooms and stuff. You guessed it, unfinished.

    Ok, that's pretty much it, phew. So, all I want you awesome people is vote on the poll to help me decide which to actually finish, thanks for your time XD

    Oh and if you ever want to donate to help any of these builds out please go to 19991, everything is appreciated! ^-^

    1. Ice Mall at 19991
    2. Forest over 18991, 19121, 19122 and 18992
    3. Momentus and non-existent Marlix at 19901
    4. Underground City under 18991 and 18868
    5. Town over 18868 and 18990
    6. Storage under 19901
    7. Mysterious Area under 19122
  2. Love the Momentus statue :)
    ...good luck on your builds!
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  3. Thanks Mr. robot toad :D
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  4. Why can't I build like that :p
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  5. Wow, that moments is nice!
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  6. Sir, your Obama is freaking me out with how much he knows o-o
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  7. Would you rather have Trump know everything about you?
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  8. Very good point... I'm not American but I've heard Trump had a rough childhood, only a small loan of 1 million dollars... v_v
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  9. There are some great builds here, good job!

    If you want to build things that are going to function and help you out then I'd recommend doing the mall or your storage :)
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  10. Get your infrastructure set first (i.e storage, smelting, farms, etc.) before you do anything else. It will help tremendously!
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  11. build a big me :p
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  12. Later :D
  13. Some nice builds here.. Loving the momentus! :p
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  14. Wait having many projects on the go is not a good thing?... :D That's how I roll. Keeps ya from getting burned out on 1 thing.

    My list of to do's includes: Witch farm walls/storage, 2nd half of gold farm + storage/walls/roof, Slime farm, main storage, food farms, Brewer at Skelly spawner + roof/walls ... and this doesn't include any of my residences :p

    I feel your pain :D

    Love the Momentus btw. That thing looks awesome. IMO though, get your storage setup for when land claiming starts. Then you can fill it :p
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  15. For the record I do have a temporary storage, that's why I kinda stopped on the bigger one, I lost motivation. Which is why it's here as a build, not a utility.
  16. Looks nice Kold_Ice, good luck!!
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  17. pfft... your list doesnt even reach three digits...
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  18. I'm sure it does if I included all I've done for other people :p
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