Every day i will post new links to new games...

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by claytonmeercat, May 5, 2012.

  1. every day i thought i should look up games and share them with people so i decided everytime i am on the forums and not busy i will post a new game link.

    Just a *CLICK* away...
  2. and i would appreciate it if you also left cool,awesome,horribly AWESOME games
  3. You do know you can click that lovely little thing that says EDIT and post in one message instead of spamming the thread?
  4. Oh yeah.

    WHOOPS! :p
  5. And he still does not use edit button....
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  6. SecretAznEks i dont want to touch the button because *flash back* when i was little i pushed a button and it made a *ring* sound i was very scared :eek:
  7. I can assure you, the edit button doesn't make any funny ringing noises..