EVENTS Today 11/1/19

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  1. Hello Everyone! I wanted to have sort of an impromptu Events day just for the heck of it!!! Promo prizes of course!!!! today at 3:30PM, 5:30PM, and 7:30PM EMC times i will have 3 different events just to see who is on and wants to do something fun!!!!!
    4:30PM Horse Races on smp9
    5:30PM PVP on /games for my head (we'll see how my skills are since ive been gone so long lol)
    7:30PM Find CliffCraft( first 3 people to come find me in game will get prizes) i will be in town on one of my res ps i have 2 alts and a total of 9 res so best of luck

    Hope to see any and all who can make it!!!!

    Edit!!! had to change the horse races to 4:30pm EMC time
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  2. Saved for winners of events
  3. Awesome, I look forward to seeing people participate~ ^^
  4. 30 Min until the Horse races join on SMP9 and get a group invite from me to TP to me
  5. No one came to first one so i will reschedule these
  6. If you haven't, I may even suggest using to get it on the calendar.
  7. I have submitted and event to the calendar for January 1st but last time I checked it wasn’t on there
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