[Event] Year event Drop party & Spleef 100,000r will be Dropped :)

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  1. Hey everyone
    On May 26th will be my year on Empire Minecraft So For this I am Hosting a Drop Party and a Spleef
    Drop party: 18101
    Spleef : 18145
    Drop Party
    100k will be dropped so Be prepared
    Donating Items is allowed please donate at 18028 Mega Mall Look for the Donation Area

    Donating Items Rules Apply
    1.No refunds are allowed so if you drop by accident you will not get it back
    2.If you would like to donate rupess please do /r Pay KJHaddrell01 the amount then I will take a note of it :).
    3.Please do not put dirt inside, it is not against the rules but please can you not as it makes the drop a lot better if you don’t.

    Drop Party Will be in a 32 blocks each side Room.

    Over 100 DC of stuff will be Dropped :p


    Spleef will have multiple levels of different blocks such as dirt,stone,netherrack
    1st level: Netherrack
    2nd level: stone
    3rd level: Dirt

    Last man Standing in the dirt area will win the winning chest and 20,000r.

    Winning chest: there will be a winner chest so you can put items in there for the winner thanks.

    Dates and Where

    Day: May 26th
    Times: Will be added on closer to the event.
    Server: Smp9 Residence: 18101 (Spleef is first)

    My Mega Mall will be opened when the event is done

    Any Others issues about this please Pm me Please Thanks KJH~
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  2. Seems legit.
    At least there was a warning before :D will be there.
    What kind of items will be dropped?
    Promos? Renamed items? Books? Voters stuff? Seriously
  3. Promos will be dropped such as ore busters, promo horses and Enchanted Books :) There Will be warnings on when it starts :p
  4. Will there be vouchers of any sort?
  5. Nice, congrats on 1 year won't be there but are you accepting donations?

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  6. Not sure may be able to squeeze some in :p
  7. Yes I am accepting donations fine the donate hoppers in 18028 there is a few hoppers to put them in :)
  8. BTW you forgot the server :p
  9. Silly Mistakes in Post always has to be some always :p Added now :D
  10. Please there be a diamond voucher.... Please.... And may you disguise it as a piece of paper that nobody wants.
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  11. Will see :p