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  1. Happy Birthday Keliris!
    So as a few of you know the 22nd is my 365th day on EMC tomorrow. I also have told some of you that tomorrow is my real life birthday also.
    As everyone else is doing something for their year I guess I have to too.
    ======-Useless History-======
    I joined EMC on May 23rd, 2014. I know this might not add up as, this is my 365th day on EMC, but this was not my first account. I arrived as Andrewmoose and made a few friends I still have. I cannot remember how many times I have told people my name isn't Andrew :). This was originally a borrowed account, until I got my own. On the account, Andrewmoose I had my ups and my downs, but I have greatly matured from those times. Ever since I got the account that was originally named L3A8 I stopped using that account and have been experiencing new things on EMC daily. I know this technically isn't MY 365th day, but it counts as its this accounts.
    ======-Stuff People Might Care About-======
    Tomorrow as I have said before, I will be posting a picture of myself(gasp).
    I will also give 30k to each the 38th and the 76th poster on this thread(Not counting my post).
    Good luck! And don't forget to watch the show yourself thread.
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  2. oh Happy Birthday! :)
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  3. Aaaanddd Bump
  4. Congratulations on 1 year and happy Birthday! You are just like me ;)
  5. Bump! My birthday today c: picture will be up in a few minutes.
  6. You so old.
  7. :p What are you then? Ancient.
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  8. Happy Birthday! Tell us how it was :p
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  9. Happy birthday!

    I think its really funny to experience that some people who I've known for as long as I have been on the Empire aren't in fact that much more older than me. Older, sure, but some even manage to predate me with a month or a few weeks, while I was always under the impression that they've been here... well, almost forever? ;)

    (and yes, I am aware of /p) :D

    So yeah, congratulations with your anniversary, time flies if you're having fun doesn't it?
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