[EVENT] Xen's 400th Day Anniversary Drop Party!!!

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Will you be able to make it?!?

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Yes, definitely! 5 vote(s) 18.5%
Possibly, not too sure. 20 vote(s) 74.1%
Nope, not a chance ): 2 vote(s) 7.4%
  1. Hey hey everyone!!! Very few may have noticed but i've almost hit my 400th day on the Empire!!! I'd like to celebrate this special occasion with my very own drop party! I'm announcing this so suddenly because honestly I didn't even notice myself how fast time on emc went by with all the fun i've been having, I feel like I only joined a few months ago but nope its been way longer! I hope at least a few of you will be able make it. I do plan on making it worth the visit so please be sure to come check it out i'll try my hardest to make sure you don't regret it!!!

    It will be hosted on /v 2525 located on smp1 the best smp of all time :p

    The set time for this will be 9:00 pm EMC Time on July 29th!!!

    What Kind of Event is it?: As said in the title it is a drop party and what exactly is a drop party? Excellent question, it's something where a bunch of people gather at my res and try to pickup items before anyone else could get to them that I planned ahead of time.

    I will also be accepting donations ahead of time just head on over to /v 2525 on smp1 where the drop party will be held and theres chests that you guys can donate WHATEVER you want!!! All donations are very much appreciated <3

    There will be plenty of different drops, these are some of the better ones:
    -Tons of emeralds
    -Tons of diamonds
    -Some Promos
    -Quite a few random horse eggs
    -Redeemable books that could be sent back to me for a 5k payment!
    -Tons of iron
    -Tons of gold nuggets
    -One Xenarchy Head!!!(Pretty rare)
    -Vault Voucher
    -Stable Voucher
    -1 Iron Supporter Voucher!

    Btw this is my first drop party so I plan on making it something worth remembering :)
  2. 11 pm, or am?
  3. Fixed it thanks i didn't notice :) its pm
  4. any supporter vouchers?
  5. Yup :)
  6. I might be able to throw a few things into the pot :)
    This is at a pretty awkward time for England and most of Europe (I think) but luckily it's summer and my sleep schedule is already very broken, so I plan to be there :)
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  7. Hey everyone the time has been changed from 11 pm emc time to 9 pm emc time since it will be a little more convenient for some people. Plus some things have been added such as stable vault and iron supporter vouchers :)
  8. no, the 29th, wednesday
  9. I hope I'll be able to make it...might be with horrible WiFi though :p
  10. ill donate 1 emerald
  11. I love drop parties, and have made a sticky note on my desktop to remind me, so hopefully I will be there! :)
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  12. If I'm not working, I'll be there. This looks like a great first drop party. Thanks for hosting!
  13. Thanks, I saw it and wondered who it came from and now I know :) <3
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  14. Lol I will be there for sure. I needs the hawt cash since in burned 150k (95%) of my money on my first day back from a trip to America...
  15. I love a good drop party :) I'll try to stop by. Congratulations on 400 big ones! (days, that is!)
  16. Congrats on your 400th!
  17. Thanksss sep <3
  18. Thanks DeathPunchKitty, and thanks again for the donation =]
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