[ EVENT ]ww2's 1 year celebration! ( Early )

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Will you come??

No, remove the no and replace it with yes. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Yes I will come, all mighty ww2fan168 7 vote(s) 58.3%
Maybe, but expect me to come ;) 6 vote(s) 50.0%
I just want to do the AMA bruh. 4 vote(s) 33.3%
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  1. Its been a while since I last joined EMC! Its been close enough to one year since I've joined this amazing server and its time to get the party started next week at 10:30PM EMC Time on Saturday!

    Events: Find the codes!

    In this event, you will search for chests, around a res that will be chosen soon , and buy the special item that will have a code! You PM me the code and Ill see if what you got! I'll know who got what so don't be cheeky and try to get some one else's code ;)
    Small promos and rupees will be given away for this event ( donations accepted at 15430 )

    Answer my random questions!
    This event, I will ask you 10 random questions, from there I will give you a TP location and you will try to land in a pit of water deep in the core or the server! I will announce what res this will be. The prize if you land in the pit of water will be 10k, not everyone will win but its something nice of me to do for y'all.

    AMA Here on this thread!

    The first 100 people to ask me a question that I will answer will get a chance to be in this event! It is forums only, so ask your questions HERE. A random player will be chosen with random.com and will win.... 100k!

    Good luck and I hope you come!
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  2. Congrats on 1 year, I wish you another happy year here on EMC. I will certainly try my best to come to the events.
    AMA Question: Do you like cake?
  3. Happy emc birthday!
    What is your opinion on hedgehogs?
  4. Shrek 1 or 2?
  5. Grats on one yet! Today or the 30th?
  6. Yes, chocolate cake is the best

    They are cute, but llamas are cuter

    Shrek, the second of any movie is the worst

    The 30th, and good question for the AMA ;)
  7. What is your favorite animal besides the llama?
  8. I'm cheating (don't enter me!) just to confuse the other players and make then lose count :)

    Nah, I am serious about the don't enter me, but I simply want to congratulate you with your one year anniversary!
  9. Congrats on one year! If you could be a fruit, what would you be and why?
  10. Border-Collie's are very cute, but llamas are better.

    I'd be an apple, just because its red and is very popular unlike me :)

  11. Im almost on my 4th year XD i must have gray hair
  12. what would you do if you see a purple chicken crossing a road
  13. What smp did you start at? (The smp that you are automatically placed in)
  14. Id sell it for 9999999999r
  15. Smp3, also still on the same res
  16. Umm... I don't think he was asking you :p
    Same for All's question
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  17. Would help if he quoted the person XD
  18. I'd quickly take it and sell it on eBay.com

    I started on smp7, even though I think smp4 is the best and smp8 second ;)

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  19. Do you like anime? If so, what's your favorite? Happy early 1st year by the way :)
  20. What would you do if I threw a balloon at you? :D