[Event] Wilderness Hunt!

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  1. Hello everybody! :) I have decided to host an event called Wilderness Hunt. This event is were we go into the wild, and hunt for animals, crops, shelter, and treasure! Make sure to tell everybody about your exciting adventure! If you would like to join the group, please do /tell HelloKittyRo invite please to be invited!

    What time is the event?
    Well, this is a weekly event. It is every Friday at 4:00 PM, EMC Time/New York Time. This event will not be hosted Friday, July 29th 2016, but it will be hosted every other Friday.

    Where is the event?
    The event group meet up will be on /smp2 at /v wonderwoman_16 3. The SMP will be told at that area, once everybody is invited to the group.

    What do we need?
    You will need weapons, food, armor, etc. Ask yourself, what would you take into the wilderness? :)

    Who is invited?
    Well, anybody is invited. Just come on down to smp2!!

    SPECIAL CATEGORY: Team Members
    Would you like to help out with the events, and be the co-host? (You only get the job for one Friday, then somebody has to move on.) This is your chance to help be the co-host of an event! You get paid 1,000 rupees for this job. You help the members, and make sure everything is going okay :). HelloKittyRo will private message you if you enter, saying if you got denied or not. You may apply here: www.emc.gs/threads/event-wilderness-hunt-form

    I hope to see you at the next event! :)

    Event Status: ON
    Host: HelloKittyRo
    Co-Host: None
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