[EVENT] VITIRI's 2 Year EMC Celebration!

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by VITIRI, Jan 19, 2014.

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  1. Heyo people of EMC!

    I'm excited to tell you that my two year EMC anniversary is coming up; on the 30th to be exact.
    In honor of reaching this amazing milestone I am going to be having a little.... 2YearEMCCelebration!.png

    Now, I had a lot of ideas of what to do but the idea I have settled on seems to be the best choice.

    I've decided to do gifts! Yes gifts, I will be setting up gift chests for each person that posts down below saying "I want a gift" or something of the sort.

    Every chest will be unique each one will have something different than the other, to make it completely fair I will be stocking the chests before I assign the chest to a person, just to insure that people will not get better gifts based on if I know them better than others, are friends with them, related to them etc.
    Also, the gifts will be organized alphabetically by username so I'll list A-Z aisles just to make it a little less complicated for people to find their gift. Chests will remain accessable until every chest is empty so don't worry if you can not make it on the 30th.

    Aquazzz is the winnter of the contest! I have already payed you the 50k and your chest is setup on 8179 on Smp4. !

    The Winner of the Contest will receive 50,ooo Rupees and 1 Beacon - Might seems a little extravagant for a Guess-The-Number type of contest, but I think it's a great prize. I will announcethe winner sometime on the 30th.If the winner can not be here on the 30th, then I will give them the prize at a suitable time for them. I'll post below and also update the original thread (The thing you're reading)

    Any donations towards this celebration are very much appreciated. Item or Rupee donations, both are wonderful.
    If you do decide to donate your name will be posted below in the donations list.

    Gifts are now open! If you have posted below you do have a gift setup at 8179 on Smp4! Go go go!

    I hope you all can join me for my 2 Year EMC Celebration, and I thank you all for making these 2

    years so great.

    (For all of the people that /p my name - I know it says I haven't been on EMC for 2 years. My main account now (VITIRI) used to be my alt account - my old main account is cjwheeler7798 which is 2 years old )

    My friend pugfury is also having a 2 Year Celebration on the 2nd, go check his thread out too!
    -------------------------------------------- Donations List -------------------------------------------
    cadgamer101 - 5,000 Rupees
    pugfury - 10,000 Rupees
    KingOfHearts23 - 10,000 Rupees
    Olaf_C - 10,000 Rupees
    Apocryphan - 15,000 Rupees
    darkslave1 - 5,000 Rupees
    IronicSwordPlay - 5,000 Rupees
    Tricksh0t5 - 1,000 Rupees
    AwesomeBuilder33 - 5,000 Rupees
    BevK56 - 10,000 Rupees
  2. I want a gift. 3562
    Anyway, grats! I know you from SEG :)
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  3. woot nice
    i wanna goft plox : D
  4. I want a Gift! 7
  5. My guess is 3456.
    Happy 2 years !
    I made a rupee donation and if i get a gift, I will pass it on to my brother who needs it more than me :).
    Thank you.
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  6. I want a gift :)
  7. I want a gift :D and #632 :) Happy 2 years!
  8. Happy 2 Years!
  9. welcome to the club!
    id like a gift too, and i bet the number is 4319
  10. i want a gift
  11. 2578 his the number
    "I want a gift!" please
    How do you make sure nobody picks the same number?

    also, does your father really own a lamborghini ~_~
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  12. ai wont geft pl0x

    A wild Guess Appeared!
    Go, RandomNumber!!
    RandomNumber used 3333!
    It's Super Effective!!

    (I want number 3333)
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  13. I would like a Gift Please and 721. Also Are Alts Aloud Jw And Some other people Might Use Them So Just Wondering :p
  14. Congratulations on your 2 years!

    I'd like a gift too :D

    And the number...115?
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  15. number guessed: 2

    I want a gift please and put down a donation of 10k and a stack of EXP Bottles
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  16. Happy 2 years Mr Redstone! I'd love a gift too! And i think the number is 2222. (BTW nice lets play series :))
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  17. My alts I assume you mean can you get 1 chest per alt, no sadly, to maintain equal amount of chests per person, only 1 chest per person. Sorry :(
  18. Ok Though So Just Asked to Claify For me and any1 Who Might Use theres.
  19. I wun gift!
  20. Happy two years!
    I want a gift.
    #1234 :cool:

    #Edit: just donated 5k :D
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