[Event] Tunnel of Love: Boat PvP Event

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  1. Event Time: 8PM EMC Time with Luckygreenbird
    Last Tunnel of Love event time - Your last chance to top the leaderboard!
    Join on /Utopia at /v +love
    Love is in the air, and so are arrows! Prepare yourself for the ultimate Tunnel of Love ride! Many will enter the tunnel, but only one will leave.

    The goal is simple: enter the arena and use your bow and arrow to break other player's boats. The last boat in the arena wins! Since you can have two players in a boat, you have the choice of playing by yourself, or make a team with another player and work together to dominate the arena!

    Head on over to /v +love on Utopia! Make sure you bring a bow and a boat with you to play! (If you don't have one, one can be provided for you).

    Boat PvP Leaderboard: Individual Player Wins
    jewel_king - 5
    haastregt - 4
    MerRhyAndBright - 4
    fBuilderS - 3
    Sachrock - 3
    The_Mancub - 2
    CliffCraft - 2
    SkeleTin007 - 2
    Loic_MaitreDuFeu - 2
    teodorn - 1
    crafter31211 - 1
    Roslyn - 1
    Dunstun - 1
    Arystina - 1
    HollyV - 1
    Anthemsong - 1
    KikuDusk - 1
    Tuqueque - 1
    Dr_Masonator - 1
    TuckerAmbr - 1
    carolmoss - 1
    Ritunn - 1
    iTuq - 1
  2. It's Valentines Day again, and we thought it would be fun to bring out the Tunnel of Love event again this year!
    Same as last year, there will be a leaderboard, and the top 3 players at the end of the week will win a prize. Good luck!

    Prizes for the Top 3 players of the week:
    1st - Cupid Bundle
    2nd - Cupid Egg
    3rd - Cupid Bow & 1 Stack of Cupid Arrows
  3. ahhh really wish I could come, but I'm still in school :'-). I get home around 7-8pm EMC time. Too bad :(. Good luck to everyone else!
  4. These will be hosted at varying times for the rest of the week, so you will be able to make it at least once ;)
  5. Oh perfect :D! Can't wait to shoot some boats >:U!
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  6. Love it! Great idea :)
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  7. Just updated the Events calendar with all of the current Tunnel of Love event times - be sure to check the calendar during the week for any changes or additions to the schedule!
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  8. Ok, this looks fun. Going to see if LDubb will steer the boat for me ;)
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  9. Haha, cool!
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  10. Actually buzzing! Anyone wanna team? :)
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  11. This one I will be at ;)
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  12. and they say romance is dead
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  13. Tip: Use a Cupid's Bow so your enemies are "distracted".
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  14. Sounds cool, might attend, possibly *shrugs*
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  15. Aw yuss, bringing out the good events for 2018 :D
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  16. We have lots of plans for 2018, so keep your eyes open ;) This week isn’t over yet, either!
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  17. Prizes for end of week have been finalized! Make sure you show up to as many events as you can to have a chance at winning!

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  18. I will try to be there
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  19. Wish swords were allowed
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  20. Got 2nd place three times in a row :p. 'T was fun!
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