[EVENT] Treasure Hunt Giveaway

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  1. Event: Treasure Hunt

    hosted by: KaliaLlama & Moonglum_

    A whole residence with unique areas to explore! Chests containing various items from basic blocks to promos will be hidden throughout and players will have 30 minutes to find them.

    Details and Rules:
    • Move will be off until the event starts, then an announcement will be made in town chat and players will be able to teleport onto the residence and start the hunt.
    • After 30 minutes, move will be turned off and the event will be over. No one will be allowed on the residence outside of the event times.
    • 2 different sessions will be held to accommodate more players. Players are welcome to attend both, but don't expect the same items in the same chests the second time around. ;)
    • Please use residence chat (/c r) while the event is going on.
    • You may take what you find or leave items for the next player, but please do not move items to other chests or place your own items in the chests.
    • And the most important rule: have fun!

    1st session: Sunday Sept. 20th, 1:00 - 1:30 pm EMC time
    2nd session: Saturday Sept. 26th, 7:30-8:00 pm EMC time

    SMP4, residence #9167 (/v +treasurehunt)

    • Ores
    • Mob drops & heads
    • Enchanted books
    • Tools, weapons & armor
    • Promos
    • and more!
    We are not actively seeking donations - but if you would like to contribute items you may do so at 9308 (/v +directory) on SMP4.

    Hope to see you there! :)
  2. Would love to attend
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  3. hopefully i can make it there
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  4. Great! I'll try to make the 1st one!
    Will we need to dig around, or will the chests be found by exploring?
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  5. Must. Not. Forget!
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  6. No digging required! Chests will be visible by exploring. :)
  7. Don't miss out on the hunt! Sunday at 1:00 EMC time. :cool:
  8. I will definitely try to make it!:D
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  9. Sounds like fun!
    I'll do my best to make it:D
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  10. Thank you to everyone who came out and made the first hunt a success! I will be rearranging a few things before Saturday's event, so all are welcome to come even if you played today. Hope to see you there! :)
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  11. The Res looked Amazing! Great Job!:D
  12. Don't forget to join us tomorrow evening for the 2nd Treasure Hunt - New hiding places, even more chests, and lots of great prizes!
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  13. Treasure Hunt going on NOW! Come to 9167 on SMP4 to join!