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  1. So, me and Creeper655 have been thinking about hosting a The Walls event for a while.
    We are going to host it on a small Hamachi server on my computer, so if Hamachi doesn't work on your computer, you should leave this thread.
    To reduce lag we are skipping the Countdown, we will do it manually instead.

    We're probably finding a good host instead. ;)
    If you are interested, either fill in the application here or PM me or Creeper655 about it.
    We need atleast 2 people from each server, but me and Creeper655 will be Reserves/Subs for SMP3 and SMP4.

    Home Server:
    Experience in The Walls:
    Experience in PvP:
    Why you want to play:

    1,000r for each player of the winning server
    500r for each player who came to the Final but lost

    Tournament Board:
    Match 1 SMP1 VS SMP8 (Heat)
    Match 2 SMP2 VS SMP7 (Heat)
    Match 3 SMP3 VS SMP6 (Heat)
    Match 4 SMP4 VS SMP5 (Heat)
    Match 5 SMP9 VS Utopia (Heat)
    Match 6 ??? VS ???
    Match 7 ??? VS ???
    Match 8 ??? VS ???
    Match 9 ??? VS ???
    Match 10 ??? VS ???
    Match 11 ??? VS ??? (Final)

    Q & A

    No questions asked yet - Ask them!

    SMP1 - Creppaninga235, BeKaLuSa
    SMP2 - Chascarrillo, Runningrhino
    SMP3 - SoulPunisher, Emsat
    SMP4 - PRO_G4NGST4, Diamond_viper111
    SMP5 - Biscuitboy5396, Portalshoo2er
    SMP6 - TheEpic5, _Stads_
    SMP7 - Supremedr, x_I_LIKE_A_PIGS_x
    SMP8 - Yankees518
    SMP9 - Alex Hallon, Creeper655
    Utopia - ErikCassel
  2. Home Server: SMP5
    Experience in The Walls:Yes and have watched videos on it
    Experience in PvP: survival games servers.
    Why you want to play:I love the game type and have a serious craving for PvP right now.
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  3. Consider yourself in. ;)
  4. Application
    Home Server: SMP4
    Experience in The Walls: Played it before
    Experience in PvP: Played some PvP Servers not many, more building ;)
    Why you want to play: This sounds fun and someone I like is hosting it
  5. Do you guys have Hamachi Premium or whatever it's called? If not, then you can only have 5 players on at a time.
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  6. Intriguing.
  7. Not even The Walls 2?
  8. Application
    Home Server: SMP2
    Experience in The Walls: None :p
    Experience in PvP: None :p
    Why you want to play: Because it is fun!
  9. Home Server: Main res on SMP3, second res on smp1.
    Experience in The Walls: I've played a good 20 odd matches on a walls server.
    Experience in PvP: Alot, although I usually suck. Unless it's a certain zombie survival server. I rule at that.
    Why you want to play: I want to have fun :p
  10. Home server: SMP2
    Experience in the walls: Mcthewalls.com played that many times and won many times
    experience in pvp: pretty much a master on Mcpvp hunger games, I boss it up with i dont know how many wins.
    Why I want to play: To have fun and kick some smp7 butt
  11. Home server: smp1
    Experience on the walls: I know where all of the diamond and the chests are :)
    experience in PvP: like rhino, I'm a Mcctf person and I've been playing.
    Why do you want to play: I really want to compete with EMC :p
  12. Home server: smp4
    Experience on the walls: me and vitiri play on one walls server occasionally so I know a bit, and if some friends are over, we'll play it on the lan.
    Experience in pvp: I play ctf sometimes, and kits pvp more regularly, although I'm not that great (180 kills, 360 deaths :p)
    Why do you want to play: I enjoy whacking people with swords, and starting from scratch, then building up to a machine of inflicting ultimate domination.
  13. You can do this on my server if you want. Hamachi-free
  14. xD
    I got all classes :p
  15. I was wondering, recent events that were planned never actually happened, what's to stop this from failing? :)
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  16. True!
  17. Lets see . . .

    School. Homework. Vacation. Life.
  18. Oops. I thought you meant what's going to stop it xD

    Maybe it's on a weekend . . .
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  19. Wall of Text! :D
    True, but you can have, as far as I know, an unlimited amount of Networks.
    We might have another one that will be that.
    Also, maybe we could have the Final be that map instead?
    Both accepted :)
    Remove that IP and you're accepted...
    All accepted ;)
    Do you think you could run The Walls without any lag?
    The Hunger Games got too much figthing about it, The EMC Olympics got their Hoster banned but are still happening, and hopefully The Survival Games will happen soon.

    Ok guys, added something to the Application ;)
  20. This has 2 people running it me and alex so We have 2 computers to run off if one fails
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