[EVENT] The SMP9 Christmas Party!

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  1. So for the past few days me and Thayf13 have been making a Christmas tree (and are still finishing it) in hopes of having a Christmas party for anyone that can come! :D

    The party shall be held on the 21st of December at 18:00 Western European Time (Greenwich time), which is around 8:00-12:00 in America (correct me if im wrong :p) and night time in Asia and australia ( sorry )
    The party shall be held on the res 18289, where the Christmas tree is located.

    The party will not only be a fun party to jump and have fun, you will also be able to give presents to other people! The way presents work is: You tell us who your gift is for and we will set up a chest (SC unless told it is to be a DC) with an access sign for you and your friend that will be recieving the gift, you can place absolutely anything in the chest. The presents can be placed before or at the party and can be opened at the party or after the party.
    Everyone that has donated or is going to donate will also recieve some sort of gift from myself at the party inside a present. ;)

    The decoration of the Christmas tree is still to be finished, yet I guarentee it will be finished by the party. :D

    For more information, ask me anything when im online on SMP9 and visit the info board on 18289

    Thank you for reading :3
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  2. Nice tree, i tried to make one, but i failed pretty hard.
    Anyway, id love to come, just hope i'm not busy that day
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  3. That was quite the quick response, well, thank you, and i hope you can come. :D
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  4. This sounds cool, I'll definely be coming (if i'm not busy)

    Is that supposed 1pm to 8pm or is there really a clock that goes that far?
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  5. Its mean its at 6pm Western european time, and yes, in Portugal (i think in a lot of other places too) the time is 1-12am and then it goes on as 13(1pm), 14(2pm), up to 23 ( 11pm) then its midnight ( 00:00 ) ( which i guess is probably 12pm).
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  6. I'll ask if I can come, sounds great!:D Anyway, the time is a little bit weird. You can't use a 12h clock and 24h clock at once:p I think you should make it or 18:00 or 6 PM
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  7. Changed it all to I think its called Military time in the US, so yeah, the 24h clock. Sorry if i confused anyone. :confused:
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  8. Come on people, we need more presents under that tree. :D
    Stop by anytime Thayf13 (also SwordandViolin (her alt)) or me are online to drop off a present for free!
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  9. One more day untill the party, still setting up the ground area, you can all still place presents there too! :D
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  10. The party will be held today in 9 hours, you can still put some presents under that tree. :D
    You can even put them there at the party itself.
  11. I'll probably be able to participate in this for at least half on hour :p

    The tree looks amazing btw!
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  12. Why thank you. :D
    And i believe there is also a present from someone to you in there. Dont peek into it just yet dough, wait for the party. :p
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  13. I should definitely be there! :D
  14. Can someone make a countdown? I'm extremely bad at time zones
  15. It is in 53 minutes :)

    I will be there! Cannot wait, I have 4 gifts to open :D
  16. Big thanks to SDO for this great party, swordandviolin for holding it on their res, to hallandr721, carolmoss, MoeMacZap, Mr_Zulus and Jcplugs for their presents and to the whole of EMC for making this a very Merry Christmas!

    Gotta admit Mr_Zulus does give good presents :3
    MoeMacZap ain't half bad either ;) Thanks!
    Thanks to SDO and swordandviolin for the feast :D
    Of course, massive thanks to Jcplugs for this prize ;)

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  17. That was awesome! I stayed for over an hour:) I got to say this was the best party I've ever had in minecraft. Thank you all people! :D I also made lots of screenshots, I don't know how many, but I think about 30 or soXD
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  18. Glad you all liked it, as did i. :D
    Merry Christmas guys.
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