[EVENT] The SMP8 Invasion of SMP3

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  1. This event thread is to formally announce the invasion of SMP3 by SMP8. Due to our lack of mesa biomes in the waste we will be forced to invade another server's wastelands in search of the mesa materials we are in such a great need of.

    9/6/2015 10 AM - 9/8/2015 10 PM

    Once we have entered SMP3 we will begin the complete mining and digging of all the mesa's materials that we find of value. Once we have completed our conquest on SMP3 and the mesa is no longer of use, we will move onto pillaging SMP4's mesa biome.

    (For those who couldn't tell, this is obviously a joke)
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  2. Do you know about smp5's mesa biome? Huh?
    Of course you don't it doesn't exist xD
  3. You cant loot smp9's mesa, I did!

    I Didn't really.
  4. You cant loot smp9's mesa, I did!

    I Didn't really.
  5. Not SMP3... :'(
  6. SMP3 +SMP8 = super awesom-ness! :p
    Why don't you like smp3?
  7. I won't be logging in those days. I couldn't handle the two smps combined
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  8. ...for a second time consecutively
    (you didn't put this part)
  9. Corrupted and I wound up in Utopia's mesa. And got a monument to raid as a bonus. I'm out there now visible on map if ya wanna come on out. :)
  10. To all smp8 players, you are more than welcomed to smp3's wastes. Have fun. ;)
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  11. Five and a half hours tearing apart Utopia's mesa at Waste N. Come join the fun :D
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  12. Once there was a hill on Utopia in a mesa. And then we happened to it.

    Seven hours later - That hill is no more! woot woot!

    Thank you to everyone who came out and hope you all had fun and got yourself good loot!


    (If I forgot or misspelled your name, holler at me to fix it! Cheers all!)
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  13. Seems quite some mesa's have generated so I actually need to pick a server for my highway project :D As to SMP3; seems they even got 2 mesa's :) And since you already discovered this one I'll try to pick something else 8)
  14. We wound up invading Utopia today lol, smp3 is still safe from us... today haha! :D